1/22 Backblast The Foundry #KiloQ

Sandbags and Rucks

Yesterday Dauber asked YHC if there was anything I needed for my Q at TheFoundry. A simple request was for Sandbags and rucks. I have 2 rucks and 3 sandbags myself, I know MeterMaid has 5 of everything and I knew that if he planned to attend we would have enough to fill out my planned Weinke. Dauber responded later letting me know that the county boys were going to show up with strong numbers and we should have some additional rucks and sandbags. I had reservations about the amount of equipment we would be able to accumulate, I originally wanted to partner up and each pair of pax would each have a ruck and a sandbag.

When YHC arrived at theCounty there was equipment everywhere, like tons of it. These boys communicate well and come well prepared. S/O to Dauber for spreading the word and brining the crowd. We ended up having 22 pax and 1 FNG. Extremely impressive in 13* weather. YHC was more excited than Abacus before a trail run.


  • Jewll
  • Fungi
  • Valdez
  • Cochran
  • Bulletin
  • BrownWater
  • Eto
  • Russdiculious
  • Handbook
  • JollyRancher
  • Crockpot
  • Fructose
  • Dauber
  • Grizzley
  • Shwab
  • MeterMaid
  • PhotoShoot FNG
  • WildFlower
  • Hush Puppy
  • LePew
  • Worm
  • Kilo


  • 25 SSH
  • 10 Abe Vigodas
  • 25 Copperhead squats


Count off into 3 groups.

  • Station 1 – sandbag clean and toss 75 yds. Sand bag rugby throw 75 yds
  • Station 2 – 30 merkin pull through. 20 butterfly sit up. 20 LBC
  • Station 3 – 25 ruck thrusters. 25 ruck curls

Switch stations when the sandbag toss makes it back to start.

We were able to make it through 3 rounds. A couple 1/4 mile mosey runs mixed in to get a break but keep the heart rate up.


Great story with FNG, he was working with LePew in St. Louis yesterday. They arrived home at 0200, 3.5 hours before the workout. LePew ask this FNG if he’d like to workout with him in the morning. FNG agrees. Shows up in shorts and tee shirt, not understanding that F3 is ALWAYS outside. LePew was a HIM and lent the boy some cloths. Can’t quite remember how he ended up with PhotoShoot, but that is that.

During COT I shared that today is a hard day for me, its my moms birthday. She passed 7 years ago. I think about her everyday, but today more than most. For any of you who have grieved the loss of a loved one, there are certain days that hurt more than others. I say all of this to highlight that you never know what others are going through and why they may be in a sour mood. If you notice someone acting differently, reach out to them. Offer a listening ear, tell them their in your TAPs. Some may feel comfortable opening up about what’s on their heart. Some may not, but I promise you it helps when someone reaches out and lets you know. I appreciate very much the kind words from PAX this morning, and for standing beside me to start my day.


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