3/25/23 – The Nest at the County – Meter Maid Q

My radar system projects that the rain will have concluded and it will be windy 60 degrees around start time. This will be a run heavy with all paces welcomed. Bring a head lamp, a running vest, strap on some your running shoes and queue Bob Seger’s Against the Wind. #MTCGA -Meter Maid

Preblast- The Nest at the County – 10/8/22 – Meter Maid Q

It was a cold morning (about 37 degrees) so running would be the focus. I left the house a few minutes early only to find a train rolling through Pewee Valley. No worries as this one looked to be moving quickly and cleared before the starting time. When I arrived there were others already parkedContinue reading “Preblast- The Nest at the County – 10/8/22 – Meter Maid Q”

PB- The Nest at the County —10/8/22 – Meter Maid Q

Bring your running shoes, reflective gear and head lamps for a Bourbon Chase themed Q. We will do the Pewee Valley loop and stop along the way to do some exercises along the route. There might be a few exercises you may not have done before. No coupons needed for admission. #MTCGA #Bourbon Chase -MeterContinue reading “PB- The Nest at the County —10/8/22 – Meter Maid Q”

BB- The Nest at the County – 3/5/22 – Meter Maid Q

There was a lot of activity around the County this morning. We had 6 runners and 5 ruckers who were out enjoying a beautiful mornings before the Nest. As Stick Up had texted late last night, the County would have a visitor Toto (DR from Grand Rapids, MI) this morning. I came to learn heContinue reading “BB- The Nest at the County – 3/5/22 – Meter Maid Q”

PB- The Nest at the County (and PreRuck) – 3/5/22 – Meter Maid Q

Let’s make it a double…preRuck at 6am and YHC with the Q at 7am. There will be potted plants, sandbags, rucks, jumps and ad free music. Bring your gloves and running shoes. Actually workout objects may vary from this older picture. SYITG! -Meter Maid

BB- The Nest – 12/4/21- Meter Maid Q

This was a special workout. It was my last Q at age 44 as I turned 45 today (12/5). I was glad to see two different groups doing pre work before the Nest- one rucking and one running. I came in 20 minutes early to get setup and drop off my sandbags that would beContinue reading “BB- The Nest – 12/4/21- Meter Maid Q”

BB- 12/5/20 Meter Birthday Q at the Nest

Today was a celebration of my birthday and a return to the Nest. It was a cold foggy day. I had hoped to get out and enjoy the prerun or ruck but I had indulged on the last four episodes of Yellowstone season 2. I showed up a few minutes early to setup some LEDContinue reading “BB- 12/5/20 Meter Birthday Q at the Nest”

BB- The Nest 8/29/20 Meter Q

Earlier in the week, I had been marketing the Nest workout as a modified sandbag Murph. Pelican kept calling it a “Sandy Murphy Rucky” thing. I wasn’t sure how well it would go over with the PAX. All in all 18 PAX came for this difficult workout. Yoshi came to the County for the firstContinue reading “BB- The Nest 8/29/20 Meter Q”

PB – 8/29/20 – The Nest with Meter Q

If you are looking to push yourself or training for the GrowRuck, come tomorrow morning. I will be leading a modified sandbaby Murph. If you have a ruck with weight bring it (recommended), but if you don’t, a coupon will work as well. Also bring gloves and a can do attitude. It will be youContinue reading “PB – 8/29/20 – The Nest with Meter Q”

Pre Blast 8/8/2020 – Russdiculous Q @ The Nest

I get a full hour to Q at The County tomorrow and I’m pumped. I typically don’t bring music but hear playlist selection is sub-par at best in these parts. I challenge any HIM in attendance to bring some tunes to eliminate that stigma. We’ll do a little bit of everything tomorrow and my plan is to use theContinue reading “Pre Blast 8/8/2020 – Russdiculous Q @ The Nest”

Pre Blast 27-Jun-2020 Saturday the Nest at the County Cratchit & Crock Pot’s Birthday Extravaganza (Co-Q)

A big bucket of birthday Co-Q joy will be on full display tomorrow, featuring Cratchit and yours truly at the Nest. This workout is 2.0 friendly (so bring them). No coupons. Wear gloves. Moderate running. Fun and games. Your attendance is expected. Gifts are discouraged. Actually… as I think about it… the only gifts weContinue reading “Pre Blast 27-Jun-2020 Saturday the Nest at the County Cratchit & Crock Pot’s Birthday Extravaganza (Co-Q)”

BB: 1/4 – 1 Year Postiversary Gisele @ The Nest

Never under estimate your potential! What a difference a year makes! Last year (2018) I was lazy, ambiguous and overweight. Today I am inspired, lighter, focused and a little sore. For today was my one year Postiversary. I never thought that after my first work out of nearly splashing merlot and being unable to walkContinue reading “BB: 1/4 – 1 Year Postiversary Gisele @ The Nest”

PB 1/4: Gisele 1 Year Postversary Q @ The Nest

It has been 1 year of life changes for myself and family. 75 pounds shed but I am craving for more. The NFL playoffs start today with Wild Card weekend so we will be doing the same at the Nest. The card you pull determines how wild things can get. Not used to playing untilContinue reading “PB 1/4: Gisele 1 Year Postversary Q @ The Nest”

BLACK OPS @ 7AM – St. John Center for Homeless Men Merkin Challenege – 11/27

878 That’s right come join in the fun tomorrow in the GLOOM to knock out 878 BURPEES with yours truly at St. John Center (700 E Muhammad Ali Blvd).  The more people we have the more burpees we get to dish out.  There is parking available on the street as well as a parking garageContinue reading “BLACK OPS @ 7AM – St. John Center for Homeless Men Merkin Challenege – 11/27”

St. John Center for Homeless Men Merkin Challenge Update & BLACK OPS – 11/27

Great News – 770 You may ask what does that number mean.  Well that is how many pairs of socks we have raised with 6 days remaining. HUGE Thank You to everyone. It is amazing what type of impact our HIMS have on our community.  As mentioned we still have 6 days remaining so ifContinue reading “St. John Center for Homeless Men Merkin Challenge Update & BLACK OPS – 11/27”

St. John Center for Homeless Men Merkin Challenge

Calling all PAX and AO’s for a wonderful 3rdF opportunity.  I met with St. John Center recently and with the winter coming they are in need of white crew socks for their members.   St. John Center for Homeless Men is a great local non-profit that helps homeless men address the barriers to housing andContinue reading “St. John Center for Homeless Men Merkin Challenge”

9.21.19 BB @ Nest Pre-Ruck

I had originally planned to ruck at North Posh but a race with over 1,000 racers had it closed down. I ended up moving it to the County and ending for those wanting t to join Airplane’s 40th Birthday Q. I wasn’t sure how many we would have but was pleased with having 5 andContinue reading “9.21.19 BB @ Nest Pre-Ruck”

Pre-Blast 9/7/19 #theNest @theCounty Dauber VQ 0700

Are you ready for the kick off of the NFL season this weekend?  Not until you come out to Coach Dauber’s VQ @theCounty to get Game Day ready.  We will drive the full length of the field…keeping the goal line in sight while working the full body, pushing through the pain, and winning AS A TEAM.  ThisContinue reading “Pre-Blast 9/7/19 #theNest @theCounty Dauber VQ 0700”

Nest PB 8/24 – Pelican VQ

You don’t want to miss the VQ and first flight from the nest for Pelican (there’s more feathered friends than just Big Bird hanging out in the nest these days). Back to school time means time to start getting in shape for b-ball in the bluegrass state. We will be running, jumping, and sliding acrossContinue reading “Nest PB 8/24 – Pelican VQ”

8.3.2019 Nest PreRuck Back Blast

Earlier in the week, I was looking forward to a good ruck. I ended up throwing it up on Slack knowing that other HIMs would be willing to go before Jolly Rancher’s 1 year post anniversary Q. PAX: Jolly Rancher, Mama’s Boy, Dauber, Crock Pot, PK and Meter Maid (Q) I arrived a few minutesContinue reading “8.3.2019 Nest PreRuck Back Blast”

BackBlast – 7/6/19 #theNest Abacus Q

PAX – Dauber, Valdez, Big Bird, Pelican, Abacus “You sign on for the ride you probably think you got at least some notion of where the ride’s goin. But you might not. Or you might of been lied to. Probably nobody would blame you then. If you quit. But if it’s just that it turnedContinue reading “BackBlast – 7/6/19 #theNest Abacus Q”

PB 6/29/19 The Nest: Winning as one is never easy, winning as a team is a great accomplishment.

PB 6/29/19 The Nest: Winning as one is never easy, winning as a team is a great accomplishment. Which team will win? Crawl or run to Gisele’s VQ for some football training camp and see how I keep the GOAT in shape.