Backblast: 11/09/19 – The Ruiner @ The O

Conditions: 29°F and clear skies. With EST in full effect, the sun had started to rise prior to start. This left only a moderate gloom factor despite the chilly temps. PAX: Vincent (R), Violet, OJ, Whitney (R), Uncle Rico, Fructose, Wham!, McAfee, Digiorno, Shyster (FNG), Handbook (QIC) Here’s how it went down: Quick disclaimer @Continue reading “Backblast: 11/09/19 – The Ruiner @ The O”

PreBlast: 11/09/19 – The Ruiner @ The O – Handbook VQ

Tomorrow will most likely be the lowest temps The Ruiner has seen in about 9 months. The gloom is bringing the cold but YHC is bringing the VQ heat! We’ll mosey early and often to keep our blood flowing. There will be plenty of partner work sprinkled in along the way because no one likesContinue reading “PreBlast: 11/09/19 – The Ruiner @ The O – Handbook VQ”

Nest PB 8/24 – Pelican VQ

You don’t want to miss the VQ and first flight from the nest for Pelican (there’s more feathered friends than just Big Bird hanging out in the nest these days). Back to school time means time to start getting in shape for b-ball in the bluegrass state. We will be running, jumping, and sliding acrossContinue reading “Nest PB 8/24 – Pelican VQ”

Pre-Blast 11/14/2018 VQ w/Drysdale @The Tank

A chain is only as strong as the weakest link!  Guess what, the weak link is ready to Q!  Rain, snow or bitter cold should not stop you from the curiosity of what to expect at the Tank!  Bring your running shoes and some gloves! One day you will not be able to this, tomorrowContinue reading “Pre-Blast 11/14/2018 VQ w/Drysdale @The Tank”

08.04.2018. BACK BLAST. The HURT @ The MUTT. Miyagi VQ.

PAX: 14: Geppetto, Elmer (2.0), Backdraft, Tureen, BC (Respect), Cornbread, Mayberry, Noxeema Jackson, Lemieux (FNG), Pepperoni, Zonka, Draper, PED, and Miyagi (VQ). Time: 0700 Warmup Disclaimer Mosey around The Mutt COP Basic Stretches Toe touches Chicken wing Both arms Side lean Both legs Michael Phelps Abe Vigoda’s Grass Grabbers Side Straddle Hops Imperial March ThangContinue reading “08.04.2018. BACK BLAST. The HURT @ The MUTT. Miyagi VQ.”