PreBlast: 11/09/19 – The Ruiner @ The O – Handbook VQ

Tomorrow will most likely be the lowest temps The Ruiner has seen in about 9 months. The gloom is bringing the cold but YHC is bringing the VQ heat!

We’ll mosey early and often to keep our blood flowing. There will be plenty of partner work sprinkled in along the way because no one likes to be left out alone in the cold. Layer up, wear something over your ears, and make sure your extremities are probably tended to. I’ll take care of the rest.

I expect to see some new faces in attendance tomorrow so all you pros come equipped with a positive attitude and be ready to show these men what this group is all about. AYE!

Coffeteria will be had post-beatdown so we can all chat about how bad my VQ was. Don’t forget to get permission to stay out late! #2ndFcountstoo



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