08.04.2018. BACK BLAST. The HURT @ The MUTT. Miyagi VQ.


PAX: 14: Geppetto, Elmer (2.0), Backdraft, Tureen, BC (Respect), Cornbread, Mayberry, Noxeema Jackson, Lemieux (FNG), Pepperoni, Zonka, Draper, PED, and Miyagi (VQ).

Time: 0700

  1. Warmup
    1. Disclaimer
    2. Mosey around The Mutt
    3. COP
      1. Basic Stretches
        1. Toe touches
        2. Chicken wing
          1. Both arms
        3. Side lean
          1. Both legs
        4. Michael Phelps
      2. Abe Vigoda’s
      3. Grass Grabbers
      4. Side Straddle Hops
      5. Imperial March
  1. Thang One
    1. 3 laps around prayer garden
      1. 1st lap
        1. Prisoner Run
          1. Wait for six by doing plank
      2. 2nd lap
        1. Indian run
          1. Wait for six by doing squats
      3. 3rd lap
        1. Regular lap
          1. Wait for six by doing merkins
  2. 10 count
  3. Thang Two (Coupons @ main parking lot)
    1. Partner up
      1. Exercise One
        1. Partner one – bear crawl
        2. Partner two – farmer carry coupons down and back
      2. Exercise Two
        1. Partner one – burpees
        2. Partner two – overhead walk w/ coupon
      3. Exercise Three
        1. Partner one – 25 curls
        2. Partner two – 25 rows
  4. 10 Count
  5. Thang Three
    1. Merkin Time Bomb (10 all the way down to 1)
  6. Thang Four
    1. Mary
      1. Duck- Duck- Goose

7) COT

I want to say thank you to all of the HIMs that came out and supported me today at my VQ! So much love to all of you who made today incredible! I want to give a big shout out to Zartan, ZOO, Old Bay, Sump Pump, and Glen Ross! Without their help I would have been lost on planning and confidence in leading the HIMs that showed up and showed out today. Geppetto was a life saver during my VQ assisting with time management, and pushing me to do my best as I led this great group of guys!

Oh and we made the FNG puke, which is fitting since thats what it sounds like when you pronounce his F3 name. Much love and stick with it Lemieux. Glad to have you out bud.

This group has meant the world to me, and I am excited to see how we grow and develop as a PAX. You all have helped me grow in ways I never imagined.

Thank you.

— Miyagi

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