08/04/2018 Southern IN. BACK BLAST

From the Sunny Side of Louisville!

Structural Engineers are now accessing the Big Four Pedestrian Bridge for stress fractures from the pounding received Saturday Morning!  And we did not even complete the entire workout on the bridge, might have brought it down if we did…

Started off with standard side straddle hops, grass grabbers, Abe Vigoda, merkins, Michael Phelps.  Then mosey off to the bridge.

(15) Merkins at the first expansion joint, (15) air squats at the second joint.  Did I mention bear crawl between expansion joints?  Rinse and repeat all the way to Kentucky.  The bear crawls went to jogging pretty quick… That is a long bridge!

On the way back to the promised land (15) dips, (15) single leg squats alternating left side right side of the bridge on benches.  I think this is where structural problems began!

Rushed to the padded play ground to stretch it out with time to spare with LBC’s.

We are still building on Saturday Mornings, so if you konw men in Southern Indiana headlock them and we will pick them up!

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