Ruck Training at the Posh 8/3/18 Back Blast

Weather – clear 65 degrees

12 PAX – Star Child, Launch Pad (R), Fanny Pack(R), Nino, Nice n Slow, American Beauty (FNG), Flounder, Gypsy, Pew Pew, Flood Plain, McAfee, Huggies (Q)

This was the second black ops ruck training and we had a great turnout!

We started with a Native American run to the egg lawn

Waiting us was our booty of a sand bag, water jugs and some coupons.  We  rucked around the egg lawn as a unit with Flood Plain as our squad leader.  His job was to keep the unit together and on pace.  He did an excellent job.  We finished in 9:45 seconds.  We owed 25 merkins due to a couple of breaks in our line during the ruck.

Joker’s Wild

We circled up in the egg lawn and used a deck of cards with two jokers to determine the exercises we would do.

Hearts = Ruck Merkins

Clubs = Ruck Squats

Spades = Ruck Big Boy Sit-ups

Diamonds = Ruck Kettle Bell Swings

We did the number of reps per the number on the card.  If a joker was drawn then the number doubled until the next joker was drawn.  Face cards were worth 10.  Aces required us to do a suicide.

Several hearts were drawn in a row.  We had to do 20 ruck merkins back to back to back. Not easy…

Mosey back to the flag.


FNG American Beauty


YHC read the MOH citation for CPL Hershel Woodrow “Woody” Williams  WWII Veteran


Record turnout.  I hope we keep this up.

Nice n Slow on the Q next week

We will start 15 minutes earlier @ 5:15 to get more rucking in.


Huggies out.

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