Backlast 8/2/18 @ Bayside- Sadie VQ

32BAC7AE-FAB9-4377-BC8C-287D4BF1CAED.pngThanks to all the PAX who came out for my VQ. Much appreciate the support and looking forward to many more!

PAX: Gypsy, Flounder, Aerobie (R), Kilo, Wapner, Snowday, Tony Maleto, Force Closed (R), Fannypack (R), Shuttlecock (R), Huggies, GrandpaBear, Thumbtack, Worm, McAfee, Sparky, Charolais (R), Gilly, Glaucoma, HotWheels, Mr Bubbles, Krystal (FNG), Whips, Sadie (Q)

Started with the disclaimer and mosey to the court yard.. high knees and butt kicks..


SSH- 25

Abe V’s- 15

Grass Grabbers- 15

We took a quick mosey and grabbed our mini coupon chips- 2 per man.


Dice Roll. Made a large dice from a cardboard box. Each side of the box had a different workout. (30) Flys, (30) Sqauts, (30) Curls, (30) Overhead Press, (15) Merkin Rows, (5) Burpees.

All PAX lined up in straight line and placed coupons down in-front of them. First PAX in line roll the dice and call out the workout. PAX that rolled would run to end of parking lot and back (100-125 yards) then go to end of line while other PAX  completed the workout. Next person would go.. on and on..

After about the third dice roll which landed on burpees, Kilo and/or McAfee decided 5 Burpees was not enough.. we would do burpees until the PAX running was back in line. From then on, it was absolutely pointless to have written reps on the dice as we pumped out as many reps as we could until the runner returned in line.. chatter from the PAX choir made it known the reps on the dice were irrelevant. We managed to run through the line up twice, put coupons back and continued on. Side note- the dice seemed to have lead tape on the burpee corner.. promise I didn’t rig this. You PAX are just horrible at rolling dice.. remind me to stay off the craps table with this crew!

Thang 2:

We moseyed to the top of the parking lot and circled up. Before I explained the workout routine, I told everyone to find a partner. From there, I said we would be doing plank builds, pickle pounders.. didn’t get to the third routine before the PAX choir chirped up again… something about partnering up for pickle pounders.. the partner was for the Ace and Gary’s that followed.

Each set was as many as you could complete in 1 minute intervals with 30 second break between.

Plank Builds

Pickle Pounders

Ace and Gary’s.

Completed all 3 sets and ran it back again. Had a little time left and finished with one more minute of pickle pounders, at the request of Kilo, and one minute of flutter kicks.

Mosey to flag for count-o-rama, name-o-rama.. FNG (Krystal) was introduced.

announcements were made and we brought it in for intentions. We closed with a prayer thankful and blessed for the opportunity to gather together and workout.. we asked for guidance and strength that all PAX would be a shining light in a dark world and a man amongst men.

I came out and posted for the first time not sure what to expect. I immediately knew this was where I was supposed to be and what I was supposed to be doing. I have thoroughly enjoyed the first month as you all made me feel like I’ve been apart of the group for years! Its like nothing I’ve ever experienced and has truly changed my life.. both physically and mentally. I am greatful for each of you and thank you for the example you have set and welcoming me into the group.

This blast wouldn’t be complete without recognizing #TheTank coming in strong for a ghost flag steal! As you can see from the picture, Tony Maleto was loving it! Good work Tank crew.. Bayside boys will be back for it soon enough!


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