Post Nest Coffee BB 3/2

When: After Alexa's Saturday Beat Down Where: McDonald's at LaGrange and Factory Why: 2ndF What: Coffee. Biscuit Sandwiches. Mumble Chatter Who: LePew, Amelia, Red Rider, Gilligan, Fungi, Cowboy, Kimble, Sea Biscuit, Rocky, Alexa

2/19 County Backblast – Alexa gave ’em Jelly Legs

“Alexa, what did you do for your last Q?" Ok. Here’s what happened: These HIM’s showed up: Amelia, Viking, Gilligan, Ashley, Crock Pot, Uncle Rico, Cochran, Mama’s Boy, Jolly Rancher, Kimble, Valdez, Big Bird, Meter Maid, Pew Pew, Wild Flower, Bulletin (R), Red Wagon, Alexa (QIC) The weather was cold but dry. The COP workouts … Continue reading 2/19 County Backblast – Alexa gave ’em Jelly Legs