9/24 BB – Peggy Baker BO w/ Alexa

“Alexa, what did you do at Peggy Baker Park this morning?

OK. Here’s what happened:

These HIM’s were ready to work: Pelican, Cochran, Bulletin, Alexa (QIC)

The weather was slightly cool and dry.

An introduction and disclaimer were given. Because it was a Black Ops and ‘unofficial’ the Q was nice enough to forego the normal Slaughter Start. Instead there was a short mosey to get everyone moving.

The COP workouts were: SSH’s, Imperial Kickers, Kendra Newmans, and Downward Dog/Stretches.

We’ll do a ladder workout with 9 exercised. We’ll start with exercise 1, then run to the lantern and back (the goal was to have a negative split meaning to head back from the lantern faster than your trip out). Rinse and repeat adding an exercise each time. Exercises were:

5 Blades of Steel

10 Big Boys

15 Ballerina Squats

15 Carolina Dry Docks

25 Star Jumps

20 Lunge Jumps

15 Mountain Climbers

10 Single Leg Calf Raises

5 Jiminy Crickets


Then it was time for COT. We got closer. Announcements were made. Prayers were offered. Thanks were given. Everyone headed out ready to crush the day.

“Alexa, STOP!”

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