Foundry BB 8-14-19 with Grizzly

Pax (10): Wildflower, Alexa, Holler, Big-bird, Gilligan, Crockpot, Jolly Rancher, Meter Maid, Bulletin (R), Grizzly (QIC)

This was my VQ so I wanted to keep it simple and representative of a workout I would do on my own. I knew it was a good workout but was afraid it would disappoint with it’s simplicity.

After we circled up and Crockpot fixed the flag (stars go on top btw) we got into the warm-up:
Michael Phelps-1min
Crescent Kicks-1min
Walkout Merkins-1min
Rolling Plank-1min
Copper Head Squats-20 (I think)The Thang:

Partner Chipper (Performed with a random Jeremy Camp song on repeat)
Chipper=partners take turns working to reach a total rep count goal. Partners switch based on a second exercise with a set rep count.

Chipper 1: 100 Pull-ups/40 Monkey Humpers
Chipper 2: 200 Merkins/40 Lunges (single count)
Chipper 3: 300 Big Boys/40 Squats

*Pax impressively modified according to their own abilities.

Everyone BROUGHT rucks and weight.

I tried to wrap up the thang at 6:10 so everyone could be out of the COT by 615 and off to the first day of school. The pax insisted on some Mary, so you get what you ask for: 50 leg raises and some plank fun.

Anyways, the dirty looks I got at the end says it worked out ok.

We circled up, shared appreciation, announcements and intentions.Thank you all for the opportunity to be part of this community.

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