The FIREBALL Ruck with Alexa and Mama’s Boy – 9/25

The August Ruck was a “Taste of the Tough”. The October Ruck is the “Grow Ruck”. Both were difficult yet rewarding. The current IronPax challenge is also tough yet rewarding. For the September Ruck, Mama’s Boy and I wanted to provide something that has a little more focus on the Fellowship (don’t get too comfortable, this isn’t a going to be a walk in the park).

We will split the time covering miles and doing PT. If you know me or Mama’s Boy, you know there will be a significant amount of BS and shenanigans (ie Fireball) mixed in with the rucking and the PT. Of course, I’ll have some trivia for you, so study up.

We’ll be meeting 8pm in the parking lot off behind the Subway on Factory Lane (immediately off the Snyder exit) and rucking the surrounding area. All activities will be COVID friendly as we will have no shared weight and will be able to appropriately distance 98% of the time. Last time I checked (which has been a while) bars close at 10pm, so we’ll ruck a circuit and end back at our vehicles. If you’d like to enjoy a beverage post Ruck, feel free to throw a cooler in your trunk and enjoy a cold one with us. Hell, if you want to throw a few cold ones in your pack and use that as added weight, we won’t stop you. Just make sure that you have reflectors and a headlamp as there are a few areas where we won’t be on a sidewalk or path.

At the start of the Ruck, we will be collecting non-perishable food items and paper goods. These donations will benefit the Franciscan Kitchen located on South Preston Street. Founded over 40 years ago, they provide warm meals to poor and impoverished Louisville residents. With a small staff of only 4 people, and a large volunteer pool with over 200 regulars workers, they’re able to serve around 400 meals each day. No donation is too small! If you would prefer to donate monetarily, please get with me (Alexa) and I’ll gladly take any money off your hands. Or if anyone not doing the ruck would like to donate, get the goods to a Site Q and shoot me a note and I’ll get it picked up.

See you on the 25th.

Alexa and Mama’s Boy

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