Pre-Blast 9.19.20- The Nest @ The County

Man, time flies. My first post at The County was my 3rd post ever, just over a year ago on 9.2.19. Didn’t know a soul, and they didn’t know me. It didn’t matter, they were incredibly welcoming, even Dauber. Especially Pelican and Big Bird. That’s why The County has been my unofficial 2nd home (as many posts there as any other outside of the Garden). It’s great, the PAX there are great, and I haven’t been lately, so I’m super pumped to Q the Nest… which is one of the best spots in F3 Louisville. I remember having to go home and take a nap after that Labor Day WO.

Tomorrow is game day, so we are gonna earn those football snacks and beverages. Go Cards, and Go Krogering.

I’m bringing my pet Kraken… y’all will love him. He’s nice, and cuddly. Might bite a little, but it won’t hurt you too bad. You bring a coupon, your running shoes, and a friend.

SYITG, Jewel

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