BlueOps 7/19 BB – Alexa at the helm

“Alexa, what did you do this morning?”

Ok! Here’s what happened:
These HIM’s showed up, ready to get wet: Oshag (DR-Lexington), Dauber, Glaucoma, Kimble, Abacus, Kilo, Jinxy, Merlin, SnowDay, Aerobie (R), Alexa (QIC)

The weather was hot and humid.

An introduction and disclaimer were given.

The COP workouts were: none…just swim for 5 minutes to get loose.

Thang 1:

Teams of 2. Swimmer 1 does Poseidon Squats while Swimmer 2 sprints down, performs 10-15 Poseidon PullUps and sprints back (if you’re able to do more than 1 stroke, change them up each time you head down the pool). Swimmer 1 then sprints down, does the pullups and comes back. Rinse and Repeat x3

Thang 2:

One your own. Swim down 1 length of the pool. Perform 10 dips while still in the water. Hop out and lunge walk to the starting point. Rinse and repeat x3.

Thang 3:

One your own. 25m sprints. All You Got x4 with a :30 sec rest in between.

Get out. Dry off. Circle up. Count off. Name-o-rama. Announcements (July Ruck). Time to get close. Intentions and gratitude. Our Father.

“Alexa, STOP!”

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