9.26 Agony BB – Alexa Qversary


“Alexa, what did you do at your Qversary this morning?”

“Ok. Here’s what happened:

These HIM’s were ready to work: Viking, Airplane, WildFlower, Aerobie (R), Crock Pot, Gisele, Brown Water, My Pleasure, Cochran, Peach, Scratch-n-Dent, Red Card, Pelican, Jerry Maguire (R), Gilligan, Red Wagon, Mudbug, Speedbump, Pew Pew , Alexa (QIC)

The weather was mildly humid and too hot for late September.

An introduction and disclaimer were given. As per usual, we started with a Slaughter Start of 10 BOYOs and a short mosey.

The COP workouts were: SSH’s, Finkles, Annies, Leg Stretches.

The Weinke was explained. I was nervous for my 1st Q a year ago (as were ALL of us our 1st time) so I reached out to multiple people. Big Bird came back with “Q what you know”. Well, I know triathlons. So my 1st Q was my take on a F3 triathlon. For the swim, we’ll work upper body. For the bike, we’ll work lower. For the run, we do cardio. We’ll go through the three stages with some AMRAP exercises with a short break in between.


Moroccan Night Clubs. Superman Merkin. Blades of Steel. 3-in-1 Merkins (Diamond, Normal, Wide). Carolina Dry Docks. Progressive Merkin Burpees (each time you hit the ground, you add a burpee)

Bike (Lower)

Alternating Side Squats. Lunges. Suicide Squats. 1-Leg Squat. Prisoner Get up.

Run (Cardio)

SSH. Heismans. Burpees sans Merkin. Mountain Climbers. Plank Jack. Star Jump

In lieu of Mary, we did a short cool down stretch.

Then it was time for COT. We got closer. Announcements were made. Prayers were offered. Thanks were given. Everyone headed out ready to crush the day.

“Alexa, STOP!”

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