7/21 LOCO BB: Intervals with Alexa

Alexa, tell me what you did at the Loco last week

“Alright, here’s what happened:

These HIM’s showed up ready to work: Giselle, Bullrider, Cratchett, Asian Zing, Tidwell, Captain Crunchberry, Gilligan, Mama’s Boy, Jerry Maguire, Double Down, Little Jerry, Alexa (QIC)

The weather was hot and humid.

The introduction and disclaimers were provided. As per a normal Alexa Q, there was a Slaughter Start, but the Q was feeling a little giving so onmly 5 BOYO’s were needed.

After a quick mosey around the church, the Pax circled up for COP: SSH, Imperial Walker Squats, Kendra Newmans and leg stretches.

THE THANG: The workout was specifically chosen to be COVID friendly, so everyone would stay circled up, 6ft apart and wouldn’t move from that spot until COT. Interval training then ensued. There would be three rounds (Jeopardy, Double Jeopardy, Final Jeopary) with 6 categories (exercises) per round. Each category would have 1:20 worth of work with a :40 rest. Here were the categories:

Jeopardy: Superman Merkins, Squat, Plank, Dry Docks, Calf Raises, Mtn Climbers

Double Jeopardy: Blades of Steel, 3in1 Lunges, Gas Pumps, Dive Bombs, Suicide Squats, Plank with Alternating Arm/Leg Raises

Final Jeopardy: Jiminy Cricket, Frog Jumps, Pickle Pounders, Progessive Merkin Burpees, Lt Dans, Groiners

There wasn’t much time for Mary, so LBC’s were done for 60 seconds.

Everyone circled the flag, socially distanced of course, for Count and Name o Rama. Announcements were made and intentions were offered. The Q thanked everyone for the past two years worth of fitness, faith and fellowship.”


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