Back-blast 7/28/20 The Planetarium @ The Boondocks

As I rolled into Peggy Baker Park at 5:15 to setup for the Q, 2 police officers were sitting side-by-side in their police cruisers conversing. As I passed them heading to the back of the parking lot, I was anticipating one or both of them to come check out what I was doing. so I quickly stashed all my illegal “items” and went on with my setup. Okay, I made that part up, but either way I was hoping they did come check it out for a chance at head-locking them. No dice.

We were missing Meter Maid today. His AC has been out for 2 days and he said it was like an Amazon rainforest in his house last night to which he couldn’t sleep. Hope Wildflower has a backup “guy” for the first one he recommended. Ha!

9 PAX rolled in and we got after it.

Bulletin (R), Holy Roller (R), Brown Water, Dauber, LePew, Cochran, Focker, Colonel Klink, Backflop (Q)

COP – the usual 20x SSH IC, 10 GG IC, 10 Toy Soldiers IC, Downward dog stretches, Quad Stretches.

THANG #1 – Mini Heavy WO w/ 30 sec of rest between each set

(2 sets) 30x overhead press IC

(2 sets) 30x bicep curls IC

(2 sets) 30x deadlifts IC

(2 sets) 30x bent over rows IC

(2 sets) 10x Man makers OYO

I had the playlist rolling along. And yes, raining tacos played and Dauber had no clue what the song was. He said his kids were too old to have heard this gem of a song. We accidentally snuck in a Snoop song for Pelican even though he went to the County this morn (can’t blame him though as his cousin, Hushpuppy, was the Q). That Snoop song put Dauber in a bad mood instantly, but he recovered well. Focker made the comment that the playlist was all over the place with song choices. And finally I paid tribute to playing LePew’s favorite song “Wow” by the artist Beck.

Now that everyone was in true form and feeling good, we continued on to THANG #2:

We mosied to the back of the main parking lot to station #1. There were 3 stations setup.

Station #1 – 10x Merkins

Station #2 – 15x Mountain Climbers 4 count

Station#3 – 20x Squats

Run between each station. After completing each round of the 3 stations, PAX were asked to increase reps per station by 5. We made it through 5 rounds of the stations. Holy Roller as you might have guessed was leading the group. Great work! Dauber mentioned his heart rate was at a consistent 170 BPM. Whoa! Nice work.

With about 5 minutes of time left on the clock, we moseyed back to the front lot to circle up for some Mary. By the look on the PAX faces, Mary might have been the last thing on their mind. However I ignored that and cranked out another 50 flutter kicks IC. Time was called.


Announcements – LePew Q at the Station this Thursday, Wildflower Q at the Foundry tomorrow (Wednesday)

COT – praying for the Menace (sp?) family for their son’s treatment going through chemotherapy at 2 years old (friends of Focker). Prayed for Focker’s friend Cam who is in infantry training in the military. Praying for Bulletins friend Barbara who’s in the hospital battling some ailments along with her husband who is also battling Alzheimer’s disease.

The message today – Accountability, we as men need this more than anything. I know I personally struggle with things and asked the PAX to lean on each other for help through anything they’re going through. It’s easy to wonder off the straight and narrow path. We have our F3 brothers to pick us up, dust us off, and hold us accountable for our actions. There’s no judgement here, just men helping other men become the best they can be AND to live out the best life God intended for them.

With that, Be good, be well, SYITG again soon.

Backflop Q

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