Back Blast 11/30/19 The Nest @ The County

I can still hear the C-A-R-D-S chant drowning out the C-A-T-S chant over the pouring rain at The County. Well, I can’t talk smack now because my Cardinals didn’t show up on Saturday. The rain? Who cares? These true HIMs embraced every bit of it while undergoing a gauntlet WO! PAX (7 total) – Pelican,Continue reading “Back Blast 11/30/19 The Nest @ The County”

Pre Blast – 11/30 The Nest @ The County 0700 Backflop Q

Don’t let a little rain scare you off! You’re better than that. We’re F3 HIMs and should gladly take the rain as an added benefit! I’ve tee’d up an awesome WO to which you’ll be able to burn off the last bit of turkey from Thanksgiving. Wear your favorite team’s colors. It’s rivalry day atContinue reading “Pre Blast – 11/30 The Nest @ The County 0700 Backflop Q”

PB Thursday 11/14/19 @ 0530 PWVFD BO Backflop Q

Come get your blood flowing and adrenaline pumping at the Peewee Valley Fire Department BO tomorrow @ 0530. Trust me, the PAX won’t be cold after this WO gauntlet. We will be on our feet in constant motion with a mixture of agility and coupon work. Oh and make sure you study your alphabet beforeContinue reading “PB Thursday 11/14/19 @ 0530 PWVFD BO Backflop Q”

BB Tuesday, 10/29/19 The Loco @ The County Backflop Q

It was great to get out and Q in the County. It was a bit last minute, but I was able to pull together a gauntlet WO for the PAX. Much like the lighted ladder WO I did a month ago, we put it back in action with coupon in-hand. Sorry by the way thisContinue reading “BB Tuesday, 10/29/19 The Loco @ The County Backflop Q”

PB – Thursday 10/10/19 The Agony @ The County 0530 Backflop Q

I’m excited to Q up another WO this Thursday @ The County. It will be coupon free, but every bit difficult to endure. I’ve planned for some Native American style running mixed with station exercises. We will do this together as a PAX and will be better HIMs when we’re finished. SYITG

Back Blast 19-Sept-2019 Thursday The Agony @ The County 05:30 Backflop Q

@ 05:00 All was calm, there was a crispness to the air.  The 10 x 100 lumen station lights lit up St. Als as if we were ready to land a Boeing 747 jumbo jet.  Little did the PAX know what was about to happen.  @ 05:30, 15 brave HIMs touched down on the runway of Agony and left their mark inContinue reading “Back Blast 19-Sept-2019 Thursday The Agony @ The County 05:30 Backflop Q”