PB – Defender at Patriot, 9/9/22 @ 0530

You remember that card game you played as a kid…yeah you do. WAR! YHC will be bringing the decks of cards for a WAR filled Friday morning. It will be fun, there will be some good MC, and we will all get better together. Bring a coupon and a friend. Let’s roll! SYITG – BackflopContinue reading “PB – Defender at Patriot, 9/9/22 @ 0530”

PB – Minuteman @ The Patriot, 5/30/22 @ 0700

Army Cpl. Gary B. Coleman – remember that name. We will be memorializing him specifically tomorrow during our WO. It will be a tough one I can promise you that. Bring a coupon and a grateful attitude for your freedom. What an amazing and freeing opportunity we all have to work out in the morningContinue reading “PB – Minuteman @ The Patriot, 5/30/22 @ 0700”

PB – The Nest @ The County, 5/7/22 @ 0700

🐎 🐎 🐎 🐎 🐎 🐎 🐎 🐎 🐎 🐎 🐎The Nest tomorrow will be 🔥! Come out for @Meter Maid and my Derby co-Q. There will be sandbag horse races and other KY derby style events. Followed by great 2nd F activities including beverages with your F3 brothers. Bring a coupon and your favoriteContinue reading “PB – The Nest @ The County, 5/7/22 @ 0700”

PB – Defender @ The Patriot 3/4/22 @ 0530

I’m pretty sure no one has ever used the space we will be in tomorrow at the Patriot. We will work in a ladder style fashion with 5x, 10x, 15x reps of many different exercises. Expect high intensity and fast paced. Moderate running is in store for tomorrow. I mean duh, it’s a Backflop WO.Continue reading “PB – Defender @ The Patriot 3/4/22 @ 0530”

Preblast – Escalator @ The Abyss, 3/2/22 @ 0530

I can promise no upper body for tomorrow. Lambeau’s and Meter Maid’s Qs over the last 2x days have totally destroyed my shoulders. Thanks guys. So we will focus on core and legs tomorrow at the Abyss. And you know it wouldn’t be a Backflop Q if we didn’t get in some running as well.Continue reading “Preblast – Escalator @ The Abyss, 3/2/22 @ 0530”

Preblast – Foundry @ The County 12/1/21 @0530

Dare I say we need a coupon for a heavy workout? Yes, we will need a coupon. It will be very tough for me to stay still for 45 min. That said, we will still move around, but in a very “heavy” way. Also expect to partner up tomorrow. Let’s go get better together. BackflopContinue reading “Preblast – Foundry @ The County 12/1/21 @0530”

Pre-blast, Wisteria @ Pleasantville, 5/10/21 at 0530

Been several months since I’ve been out to Pville. Happy to be back. While I feel like a rest day is a good idea because of the IPC insanity today, we must press on and I have the Q (thanks Airplane…). That said, we will be running elongated 11’s down Main Street with core/leg exercises.Continue reading “Pre-blast, Wisteria @ Pleasantville, 5/10/21 at 0530”

Pre-blast, Moonshiner @ The Boondocks, 7/8/21 @ 0530

Come out for a good ole fashioned beat down at the Boondocks tomorrow. We will be doing station work around the loop by the ball fields. So basically you will get some running, upper body, lower body, and back abs work. It will be a mixture of all exercises. Bring a coupon to leave atContinue reading “Pre-blast, Moonshiner @ The Boondocks, 7/8/21 @ 0530”

Pre-blast, Wisteria @ Pleasantville 0530 6/25/21

We will be working with coupons tomorrow y’all. I head to the beach next week and need a good chest and arm workout. We will work a coupon ladder under the pavilion and box jump up the rocks for some leg work. Then mosey back down the hill to the pavilion. Come get ya someContinue reading “Pre-blast, Wisteria @ Pleasantville 0530 6/25/21”

Pre-blast, The Patriot 6/18/21 @ 0530

We will not stop running (Native American style) from start to finish. If someone needs to walk, the remaining PAX will pick a spot to sprint to and back until the six starts running again. We will stay together and encourage each other. Please be advised this is a running Q and there will beContinue reading “Pre-blast, The Patriot 6/18/21 @ 0530”