Nest 11.9 BB with Alexa


“Alexa, what did you at the Nest this weekend?”

Ok. Here’s what happened:

These HIM’s showed up: Gilligan, Brown Water, Double Down (R), Valdez, Wildflower, Dauber, FNG-Dingy, Captain Crunchberry, Pelican, Gisele, Jolly Rancher, Cratchet, Jewel, Drysdale, Big Bird, Alexa (Q)

The weather was cold and dry.

The COP workouts were: SSH, Finkles, Hillbilly Squats, Kendra Newmans, Leg/Calf Stretch

The theme for The Thang: was “What would Bulletin do?”

With the weather being cold, the PAX needed to warm up. This was done via 3 tabata sessions: Step ups, LBCs to Toe Touch, Broken Down Burpee (air squat, merkin, groiner, full burpee).

Once warm, the PAX moved to the playground for a Bulletin inspired, ladder workout would be performed. PAX would start with exercise 1, then run a lap around the lot. Upon returning, exercises 1 and 2 would be performed. Each PAX would climb up and, if time allowed, climb back down. The exercises were:

Pullup x5, Merkin x10, Coupon Curls x15, Star Jumps x20, LBC’s x25, Dips x20, Coupon Squats x15, Coupon Shoulder Press x10, Jiminy Cricket x5

*Shout out to Big Bird, WildFlower, Jewell and Valdez for being absolute BEASTS and making it all the way up the ladder.

As time expired, coupons were returned and PAX moseyed to the flag.

Everyone got closer. Announcements were made (Sock Drive, November Ruck). Intentions were offered. Thanks were given. Everyone headed out ready to tackle the day.

“Alexa, STOP!”

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