Backblast: 11/09/19 – The Ruiner @ The O

Conditions: 29°F and clear skies. With EST in full effect, the sun had started to rise prior to start. This left only a moderate gloom factor despite the chilly temps.

PAX: Vincent (R), Violet, OJ, Whitney (R), Uncle Rico, Fructose, Wham!, McAfee, Digiorno, Shyster (FNG), Handbook (QIC)

Here’s how it went down:

Quick disclaimer @ 0700 followed by a long(ish) mosey on the loop. We started toward Cannons Ln with my intention being to follow the loop the entire way. I sometimes forget how long that loop can be so we cut across at around the middle to finish up by the coupon garden for some CoP.


    20x SSH IC
    10x Grassgrabbers IC
    15x Imperial Walkers IC
    15x Mountain Climbers IC

Thang #1:

Short mosey over to Cogan’s. Quite a bit of mumble chatter upon arrival but that was about to change. I have no pride of ownership so I gladly stole this portion of my VQ from one of Diablo’s BoW Q’s. It’s a doozy. Good lookin’ out Diablo.

  • PAX partnered up at the top of the hill
  • 5x booyah merkins with partner
  • P1 stays at the top for choice of AMRAP American hammers or LBCs
  • P2 sprints to the bottom for 20x Bonnie Blairs then sprints back to top
  • Switch, rinse, & repeat for the next 15 or so mins

PAX were good and gassed at this point. Couple 10 counts then we moseyed over to the troll bridge.

Thang #2:

At the troll bridge we split into two groups, one on each side. To give our legs a little breather, we did 3 OYO sets of 20x dips followed by 20x choice of either incline or decline merkins. The mumble chatter returned with ‘cord-cutting’ and college football as the topics of choice. Those who finished first planked up while the rest of group completed their sets. Once all we’re finished, we regrouped for a mosey over to the basketball courts.

Thang #3:

This portion of the VQ was original at least to my knowledge. Wasn’t sure what to expect but I knew it would keep us warm.

  • PAX partnered back up on the baseline
  • P1 stays at baseline for AMRAP exercise*
  • P2 runs AFAP to opposite free throw line, 5x Bobby Hurleys (which were renamed to Tony Delks during the workout), bear crawl or lunge walk to baseline, Bernie Sanders back to partner
  • Switch, rinse, and repeat

*AMRAP exercises included burpees, squats, BBSUs, merkins, flutterkicks, curtsy lunges, t-merkins, and couple more that McAfee threw in that are escaping me at the moment.

All in all PAX completed 10 rounds of thang #3. After round #10, we circled up for a round of around the horn Mary before we moseyed back to the flag for CoT.


I decided to steal one more thing to use during VQ. This time, it was Teddy Roosevelt’s “The Man in the Arena” speech that was shared at Convergence a couple weeks ago. Although most of the PAX present heard it then, I wanted to reiterate it. I try to apply the mindset it describes day to day so I wanted to bring that lesson (or reminder for some) to my first Q.

Finished up with NoR where we welcomed FNG Shyster. He picked a pretty tough first post and worked his tail off! Announcement for the St. John Center for Homeless Men Merkin Challenge was made and intentions were sent out for a speedy recovery for Bulletin, for all who have been recently touched by tragedy, and for Chestnut, as he prepares for the birth of a child. Closed it out with a prayer of thanks to the Sky Q.

On a personal side note, I just wanted to take a second to say how much impact this group of men has had on me in such a short time. Since joining this group a couple months ago, I have pushed myself in ways that I did not think were possible. I want to thank the men of F3 Louisville for the opportunity to join them on this journey. I am truly grateful and proud to be a part of this.



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