BackBlast – 7/6/19 #theNest Abacus Q

PAX – Dauber, Valdez, Big Bird, Pelican, Abacus

“You sign on for the ride you probably think you got at least some notion of where the ride’s goin. But you might not. Or you might of been lied to. Probably nobody would blame you then. If you quit. But if it’s just that it turned out to be a little roughern what you had in mind. Well. That’s somethin else.”

YHC knew today was Myiagi’s last beat down in F3 Louisville. So, YHC planned something special for the PAX to remember the day.


Mosey to top lot for quick warm-up and then YHC explained THANG 1


Sandbaby Murph (except with a coupon!)

Run 1 mile

Grab coupons on 2nd lap and head to playground for the following:

100 shoulder presses

200 squats

150 Big Boy Sit-ups

150 Lunges

Don’t let the coupon hit the ground.

Place coupons back

Run 1 mile!

PAX got after it with zeel! Big Bird encouraged the PAX throughout. Great site Q!


10 minutes remaining. YHC needed some yoga and stretching after the work load.

Circled for COT. Big Bird offered great words around pushing through tough things to see whats in your core! Very proud to be part of the PAX today!


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