Backblast 4/23/2021 – Russdiculous Q @ The Chopper

PAX: Gringo, Jitterbug (R), Yoshi, StickUp, Meatball, Bunghole, Cousin Eddie, Violet, Light Bright, Tony Malito, Russdiculous (Q). As it always is, mumblechatter was strong this morning. 4 of the 11 PAX took it to another level – a level which Worm would have been proud of had he posted this morning. Nonetheless, we got afterContinue reading “Backblast 4/23/2021 – Russdiculous Q @ The Chopper”

Backblast (4/6/2021) – Russdiculous Q: BoW at The O

PAX: Handbook, Violet, Sump Pump, Tron, Klopek, Plumb Bob, Porkchop, Sweatshop, Russ. Disclaimers given, then off for an easy mosey around the tennis courts, circled up for COP, and counted off. COP: SSH (x20), Toy Soldiers (x15), GG (x10), Tempo Merkins (x15), 1-minute of Butt kicks, high knees, and SSH (20s each). Caught our breathContinue reading “Backblast (4/6/2021) – Russdiculous Q: BoW at The O”

Preblast – Russdiculous Q – Gladiator at The Abyss

Tomorrow I make my way into The Abyss to Q at this awesome AO for the first time. I’ll be running back one of my favorite workouts that will be sure to get you Speedo-ready. Full-body, moderate running, plenty of exercise variety. No coupons, gloves recommended. Get up early (because you need to for theContinue reading “Preblast – Russdiculous Q – Gladiator at The Abyss”

Backblast – Russdiculous Q at The Blender 1/20/2021

I don’t know if it is the Mutters high regard for “O” guys or just how they welcome guests in general but the flag was out and most of the PAX showed up before 5:29 – I’m humbled. Big shoutout to Violet, Handbook, and Flo Jo for representing the O. Shyster gets a pass butContinue reading “Backblast – Russdiculous Q at The Blender 1/20/2021”

Backblast: Russdiculous/Jewel Co-Q @ The Ruiner

The O was a sloppy mess on Saturday but 14 HIM showed up and got after it. PAX: Syster, Diane Dukes, Handbook, Violet, Harry Caay, Tron, SweeTart, Bunghole, Moto Boat, No Nuts, Minnow, Natty Light, Russdiculous, and Jewel. As the Kraken mile loomed, disclaimers were brief but given. We made our way to the tennisContinue reading “Backblast: Russdiculous/Jewel Co-Q @ The Ruiner”

Pre Blast – The Ruiner w/ Russdiculous and Jewel – 12/12/2020

Co-Q Mash-up week has been a blast! Hopefully many of you are in pursuit of The Eclipse! I, shamelessly, am not but am sharing the Q tomorrow with one of F3’s finest, Jewel, to help you get there. “Russ the Jewels” will allow you to achieve that illustrious Eclipse but we’ll make you work for it. We will runContinue reading “Pre Blast – The Ruiner w/ Russdiculous and Jewel – 12/12/2020”

Backblast (11/13/2020) – Russdiculous Q @ The Chopper

The sky was clear, the air crisp, and an overall perfect morning if you could deal with the excessive and utterly ridiculous mumblechatter from the Vets boys. Who would have thought the hardest part of the morning would be counting IC over random discussions about God knows what from Kilo and Worm. In seriousness, theContinue reading “Backblast (11/13/2020) – Russdiculous Q @ The Chopper”

Backblast: Russdiculous Q @ The Incubator – S. Posh

Temperatures could not have been better as 11 brave men took The Posh by storm this morning. PAX in attendance included Iceman (R), Nice & Slow, Dynamite, Nino, Jitterbug (R), Bob Ross, Stickup, Schlitz, Jewel, Pickleball, and yours truly. I began promptly at 5:30 with introductions and disclaimers before we took off on a shortContinue reading “Backblast: Russdiculous Q @ The Incubator – S. Posh”

PreBlast – 10/6/2020 – Russdiculous/Handbook Co-Q School at BOW (The O)

This week is Q school and for those of you who choose wisely, BoW at The O will be serving up a double-dose of Q wisdom (mainly from Handbook) as we partner to Co-Q a workout for those in attendance. Our plan is simple – we’ll cover the basics of planning and executing an effective workout hopefully while doingContinue reading “PreBlast – 10/6/2020 – Russdiculous/Handbook Co-Q School at BOW (The O)”

BB Russdiculous Q (9/21/20) – The Incubator @ S. Posh

What an amazing morning to post at an awesome AO at South Posh! It was a pleasure to lead a great group of HIM during a brisk 50 degree Monday morning. I promised a full body beat down in my PB and 14 HIMS showed up ready to work! Here’s how it went down… AfterContinue reading “BB Russdiculous Q (9/21/20) – The Incubator @ S. Posh”

Pre Blast – Russdiculous Q @ The Ruiner

This PB comes on a day where many of us are reflecting on the horrific events of 9/11. I first want to acknowledge this day and those of you that have been impacted or know someone who has. These are the times that allow this group to showcase what we’re all about – getting better, supportingContinue reading “Pre Blast – Russdiculous Q @ The Ruiner”

Pre Blast 8/8/2020 – Russdiculous Q @ The Nest

I get a full hour to Q at The County tomorrow and I’m pumped. I typically don’t bring music but hear playlist selection is sub-par at best in these parts. I challenge any HIM in attendance to bring some tunes to eliminate that stigma. We’ll do a little bit of everything tomorrow and my plan is to use theContinue reading “Pre Blast 8/8/2020 – Russdiculous Q @ The Nest”

Preblast – Russdiculous Q: 7/27 @BOW (The O)

If you’re nervous about playing cards with Violet in the morning (I would be), come see me at The O! We will cover some ground and incorporate some hills. Fun right?! If you’d like to donate to the Hope Scarves Bourbon Baskin Raffle, please bring a bottle of your favorite bourbon! Thanks in advance! SYITG!Continue reading “Preblast – Russdiculous Q: 7/27 @BOW (The O)”