Backblast: Russdiculous/Jewel Co-Q @ The Ruiner

The O was a sloppy mess on Saturday but 14 HIM showed up and got after it.

PAX: Syster, Diane Dukes, Handbook, Violet, Harry Caay, Tron, SweeTart, Bunghole, Moto Boat, No Nuts, Minnow, Natty Light, Russdiculous, and Jewel.

As the Kraken mile loomed, disclaimers were brief but given. We made our way to the tennis courts for warmups that included:

SSH (20 regular speed, 20 double time)

Grass grabbers (x10)

Toy Soldiers (x20

Imperial Walkers (x20)

Runner’s Stretch

Overhead Claps (x30)

Crowd Pleasers (Merkins/Groiners) – 1:1 ratio, up to 8 and back down the ladder

Merkin Mountain: 10 single-count shoulder taps, 10 Tempo Merkins, 10 Speed Merkins (3 rounds) – shoulders were toast!

Jewel took the reigns and led us to the Kraken Mile! Using the loop, we ran to each light pole to execute the Jewel special, Kraken Burpee (started with one and worked our way up to 10).

At completion of the Merkin Mile, shoulders were smoked yet again and heavy breathing was shared by all. After a couple of 10-counts, I gave Tron the option of tennis courts or Cogan’s Cove for the next Thang. He chose poorly so we moseyed over to the Cove for some hill work on the half-pipe. It went like this…

For 2 Rounds:

Top of hill – 12 Merkins

Bottom of hill – 12 Squats

Top of hill – 12 BBs

We then moseyed a bit and circled-up for a Burpee Carousel (3 side-shuffles to 1 burpee) – this was executed much better than at Vets a few weeks earlier.

Jewel was not satisfied with the amount of running at this point so he took us over to the longest hill in Louisville for a sprint race. Bunghole won but clearly cheated with a 5-step head start – his Vet-ness showed

After an exhausting mosey back to the tennis courts, PAX circled up for Mary, which included:

Peter Parkers

Flutter kicks


and a final set up Merkins (ask Jewel what this was, I can’t remember but is sucked!)

Time was called at 8:00. A fun hour with clear themes of Running, Burpees, and Merkins. PAX definitely earned their stripes. Well done! Until next time… -Russ

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