Backblast (4/6/2021) – Russdiculous Q: BoW at The O

PAX: Handbook, Violet, Sump Pump, Tron, Klopek, Plumb Bob, Porkchop, Sweatshop, Russ.

Disclaimers given, then off for an easy mosey around the tennis courts, circled up for COP, and counted off.

COP: SSH (x20), Toy Soldiers (x15), GG (x10), Tempo Merkins (x15), 1-minute of Butt kicks, high knees, and SSH (20s each). Caught our breath and completed one round of Crowd Pleasers – 1 Merkin – 1 Groiner, 2 Merkins – 2 Groiners, and so on) ladder to 8 and back down. Of course, Sump Pump called me out for finishing first only because he didn’t.

We moseyed a good ways outside of the loop to a hill close to Bowman Field where the PAX performed 11s of Jump Squats and Merkins (woof!). 10 counts were not enough so we caught our breath while walking toward the overpass for a brief round of Mary that consisted of Flutter Kicks and some other weird lower-ab movement I made up on the fly.

After an exhausting mosey back to the flag we had a few minutes to spare for Imperial Walkers (mine looked more like Hillbillies), Copperhead Squats, and capped it off with 20 Merkins with a 10-count hold on the last rep. 6:15, time was called.

Announcements made and intentions lifted among the PAX. Great morning, great group of HIMS, and a true appreciation for this group. SYITG -Russ

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