BB: Rods of God 30March21


I forgot to write my backblast for the Loco workout at the county last Tuesday. Sorry Hushpuppy and all.

14 HIMs were present for this pounding!

Backflop, LittleJerry respect, DoubleDown respect, JollyRancher, CousinIt, JerryMaguire respect, Dauber, Abacus, LadyBird, HushPuppy, WILDFLOWER, Valdez, HighTower, Focker the Q.

so I have to admit, the exact details are very foggy at this distance from the actual event and thats on me!

However, we did disclaimers, and spent a good amount of time warming up with dynamic movements designed to Mimic the work we would be doing.

Then we formed a line tallest to shortest, covered down and marched in cadence and commands to the grinder after a very brief description of Drills and Ceremonies from FM 22-5.

We halted and left faced our equipment. We then broke off into two man teams, one being the training safety officer and another being the running push and began to march around St Als, while shouldering many hundreds of pounds of weight (crane parts).

Every 45th strike of the left foot we halted and switched positions and resumed marching until the runner came up on our six from his faster journey around the County campus.

When the runner reached our six the lead man (point man) took up the running duty and the previous runner fell in and we resumed marching.

During the forced march we halted and recovered, twice, with some quick Mary.

we continued till time was called at 0615. One and a half loops around the County were accomplished. Bar set!

we gathered around the flag and began announcements and intentions.

We sent our prayers up to our Mighty God and thanked him for all he has done and is doing!

Sorry I missed this post. I must have had the beach on my mind!

Grateful for each of you men!

Focker over out!

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