Backblast 4/23/2021 – Russdiculous Q @ The Chopper

PAX: Gringo, Jitterbug (R), Yoshi, StickUp, Meatball, Bunghole, Cousin Eddie, Violet, Light Bright, Tony Malito, Russdiculous (Q).

As it always is, mumblechatter was strong this morning. 4 of the 11 PAX took it to another level – a level which Worm would have been proud of had he posted this morning. Nonetheless, we got after it with a strong showing for a pre-Convergence warm-up.

At 5:30, PAX circled up for warm-ups, consisting of the following:

SSH (x25)

Toy Soldiers (x15)

Abe Vagodas (x15)

Mountain Climbers (x15)

Runner’s stretch

PAX moseyed to the church across the street and partnered up at the base of the hill to prepare for DORA – 150 Merkins, 150 LBCs, 150 Squats. Once complete, we moseyed to the parking lot for 11’s that we modified to 8’s – This really confused Molito but the modification finally stuck. Next, we moseyed to the steps by the baseball field for 25 step ups, 25 dips, and 25 Derkins. One to our final mosey to the base of the hill behind the monument for an “all-you-got” to the top. With 10 minutes to spare, we circled up for a rapid Mary round, including:

Flutter kicks (x20

V-ups (x20)

LBCs (x20)

Single-leg Flutters (12 each leg)

Abe Vagodas (x15)

Time called at 6:15.

COR, NOR, Announcements, and Intentions. Closed in Prayer. It was a pleasure to lead. Thanks gents. Until next time. – Russ

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