BB-Pelican Q The Loco @ the County 4/20/21

Let’s get this out of the way first. Airplane wasn’t here. He was going to Q but he had to “work” or something out of town. With it being 4/20 he had a theme he was going to use and I figured I’d go with that for both the music and the workout. There are a lot of songs about smoking weed out there–luckily I already had most of them saved in my Amazon music list (no commercials, try it Dauber).

14 PAX came to the County to push themselves to a higher level. They were-Double Down (R), Time Share, Captain Crunchberry, Asian Zing (R), Cratchit, Tidwell, Worm, Hush Puppy, Jerry Maguire (R), Abacus, WILDflower, Little Jerry (R and happy birthday!), Methane, and me.

We did a very short mosey and a little bit of COP which probably was-


Toy Soldiers

Michael Phelps

Kendra Newmans

Downward dog and stuff

Then we got ready for the THANG which was 4 exercises of 20 know 4-20. We had four different rounds of this. We started in the middle of the parking lot. One group ran to the portico by school and the other ran to the benches in the green space. Did an exercise there, came back to the middle did another exercise, went the opposite way to the school or green space did an exercise then came back for the last exercise.

I had written out the exercises the afternoon before but ended up throwing a football bag on the white board and half of the stuff was erased. No marker in the car so we just kind filled in the blanks of the workout. I believe they were or were supposed to be the below–

Derkins/Curls/Calf Raises/Upright Rows

Incline Merkins/Curls/Step Ups/Shoulder Press

Dips/Manmakers/One Legged Squats/Thrusters

Dips/Thrusters/Calf Raises/Curl to Press

We made it through all fours round of that or something close to that and a few guys (Little Jerry) got a few more rounds in. They probably would have got more in but they couldn’t read the board and had to continue to ask me what was next. By the end of the playlist we all had the munchies–thankfully we had Hush Puppy and Asian Zing there.

We di CoR, NoR, intentions and announcements (not in that order). Husky has been crushing it, continue to keep him in your prayers but also continue to overcome your own obstacles. Attend convergence…last but not least if you erase your workout bring a marker. Also write your backblast as soon as possible to remember what you did-especially when you erased your workout and Q’d multiple times in the same week.

Later all


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