BB. Escalator in the Abyss 4/23/21

Pax- Mr Hat, Uncle Sam (Q)

Weather was chilly and clear.  We warmed up with a mosey around the playground, normal COP and then alternating sets of dips and merkins. 

Moseyed to the basketball court where 3 lanes were set up on the court and one on the grass. The WO was loosely based on 2 events from the ACFT- the standing power throw (SPT) and the sprint-drag-carry (SDC). The ACFT is the new gender and age neutral functional fitness assessment. Lane 1 was alternating sprint and shuffle run. Lane 2 was SPT-reverse throwing a 10 lb ball over your head up and down the court. Lane 3 was carry a coupon and heavy kettle bell.  Lane 4 was drag a 90 lb sled 25 M around a cone and back. Sled was two 45lb plates attached to a homemade plastic sled with a TRX strap.  Rotated through lane about 5 times and spent last 4 minutes stretching with Mr Hat style “broga”. 

Ended with announcements, intentions and Our Father. 

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