F3LOUISVILLE 2021 SPRING CONVERGENCE – 04/24/2021 at The Garden!

Tomorrow is shaping up to be a gorgeous day for F3 Louisville’s 2021 Spring Convergence. As Kilo noted in his message yesterday, this is also a Convergence where we’re celebrating the 4th anniversary of the first shovel flag being planted in Louisville.

Slack now has over 803 PAX – and of that 610 distinct PAX posted at least once in 2020. A year that also drew in 281 FNGs during a global pandemic. Freaking amazing. This requires a celebration.

Some details on what this is all about:

  • WHEN: Saturday, April 24 at 0700 to 0800.
  • WHERE: The Garden, St. Patrick Catholic Church, 1000 North Beckley Station Road, Louisville, KY 40245
  • WHY: To bring all of the AOs of F3Louisville together to enjoy some doses of 1st F and 2nd F together.

The Qs were all announced during the week, but as a reminder the following will be providing the beatdown:

Pelican, Jewel, Stick Up and Sump Pump
  • PARKING: From a logistics perspective, please park in the following two main parking lots:

EXTRA CREDIT OPTIONS: If you want to get in some extra credit, there are two options:

  • PRE-RUCK OPTION: Handbook will also be leading a pre-ruck option starting at 0600 beginning at THE GARDEN and meandering through some sidewalks into Lake Forest and back.
  • PRE-RUN OPTION: Huggies will also be leading a pre-run option [trails if dry; pavement if wet] starting at 0600 beginning at NORTH POSH until 0645 to permit relocation time to get to Convergence.

After the workout itself, we’ll have a few announcements with the awarding of the Iron Horse Challenge patches and a few others.

And then, some refreshments will be available to enjoy some 2nd F together if you can before you leave.


Jolly Rancher out!

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