PB – Escalator in the Abyss 4/7/21

“We’re the battling bastards of Bataan, No mama, no pap, no Uncle Sam, No aunts, no uncles, no cousins, no nieces, No pills, no planes, no artillery pieces, And nobody gives a damn.” Join us as we execute the Go Ruck Bataan Memorial WOD starting at 0500. Nine rounds of 8 movements. Bring a ruck.  BringContinue reading “PB – Escalator in the Abyss 4/7/21”

PB 12/9/20 Escalator in the Abyss

It’s the 130th Army/Navy Game Week.  Saturday, Cadets and Midshipmen will battle it out but tomorrow it’s Joint OPs as the Army and Navy come together for Marine workout in the Abyss.  Everyone is welcome, even zoomies and puddle pirates. Come on out, get better.  Bring a ruck if you have one.  If not, comeContinue reading “PB 12/9/20 Escalator in the Abyss”

BB 11/27/20 Gladiator in the Abyss

PAX:  Pickle ball, Mr Hat, F Stop, Uncle Sam (Q).   Conditions:   Dark , overcast, and upper 40s.  Conditions were dry but some still had wet shoes from Weds workout.   We gathered in the parking area for the disclaimer including COVID precautions, moseyed over to the Arena for the the COP.  COP includedContinue reading “BB 11/27/20 Gladiator in the Abyss”

BB-11/16/20 Motivator in the Abyss

PAX:  F Stop, GQ, Mr Hat, Focker, Holy Roller, Uncle Sam (Q).   Conditions:   Dark and low 30s.  Conditions were clear and perfect to see all the stars shining down on the Abyss.   We gathered in the parking area for the disclaimer including COVID precautions, moseyed down to the boat ramp turn offContinue reading “BB-11/16/20 Motivator in the Abyss”

PB 10/9/20 Gladiator at the Abyss

If you’re not prepping to ruck, come on out to the Abyss tomorrow for our 3rd installment of Q school. We’ll repeat all the great instructions you heard throughout the week but add some common questions from new PAX at the Abyss like “Why’s it so dark out here?” “What’s that constellation?” “WTF was thatContinue reading “PB 10/9/20 Gladiator at the Abyss”

Backblast 9/18 IPC Week 3 at the Abyss

PAX: Catfish, Huggies, Mr Hat, Harbaugh, Uncle Sam It was a cool morning in the 50s, low humidity, a perfect day for the IPC. Although the workout is simple, I arrived early to block off an area in the parking lot to do the merkins and squats so PAX didn’t have to cross back andContinue reading “Backblast 9/18 IPC Week 3 at the Abyss”

Back Blast 08/28/2020 IPC Week 0 at the Abyss

PAX: Harbaugh, Flip Flop, Mr Hat, Bull Rider, Double Down (R), Uncle Sam (Q) Conditions: Low 70s with steam room level humidity. Intermittent misty rain. I arrived early to set up but cars were already there. I had measured off 400 matters earlier in the week but wanted to set up the workout board, timerContinue reading “Back Blast 08/28/2020 IPC Week 0 at the Abyss”

7/31/20 BB The Gladiator at the Abyss

PAX:  Back flop, Mr Hat, Flip flop, Uncle Sam (Q).   Conditions:  Perfect for a work out- upper 70s, sight drizzle, but dark.  Our one light at the Abyss is out and with the clouds blocking the moon it was really dark.  I originally planned to set up a baseball diamond on the road toContinue reading “7/31/20 BB The Gladiator at the Abyss”

PB 7/31 The Gladiator at the Abyss

This baseball season sucks with no Bats games.  Tomorrow at the Abyss we’ll play old school street baseball (while maintaining safe distances!).  We’ll keep moving the whole nine innings, run the bases and exercises will of course include Nolan Ryans at some point.  No rain outs in street baseball so the inclement wx plan isContinue reading “PB 7/31 The Gladiator at the Abyss”

Gladiator Backblast 6/5/20

PAX:  Mr Hat, Harbaugh, Flip Flop, Meatwagon, Uncle Sam (Q).   Conditions:  Perfect- mid 60s, low humidity, bright moon light transitioning into a beautiful sunrise. We gathered on the basketball court for the disclaimer including social distancing.  We moseyed down towards the boat ramp and returned to the court for the COP including SSHs, KendraContinue reading “Gladiator Backblast 6/5/20”