BB-11/16/20 Motivator in the Abyss

PAX:  F Stop, GQ, Mr Hat, Focker, Holy Roller, Uncle Sam (Q).  

Conditions:   Dark and low 30s.  Conditions were clear and perfect to see all the stars shining down on the Abyss.  

We gathered in the parking area for the disclaimer including COVID precautions, moseyed down to the boat ramp turn off and back to the Arena for the the COP.  COP included SSHs, squat benders, Abe Vigodas, copperhead squats and merkins.  We gathered around the board, briefed the workout, blasted the 70s classic rock, and everyone got after it.  

The Thang:

1 lap around the playground

40 LBCs

20 bench dips

10 squats 

5 burpees

2 laps

40 American hammers

20 shoulder taps

10 lunges each leg

5 burpees

3 laps 

40 4 ct flutter kicks

20 T Merkins

10 side lunges

5 burpees

Rinse and repeat until time was called.

I am always thankful to be able to lead the HIMs in the Abyss.  Intentions for our country, our leadership, and those struggling with injuries, illness, or the impact of COVID.  Ended with an Our Father.  

-Uncle Sam

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