7/31/20 BB The Gladiator at the Abyss

PAX:  Back flop, Mr Hat, Flip flop, Uncle Sam (Q).  

Conditions:  Perfect for a work out- upper 70s, sight drizzle, but dark.  Our one light at the Abyss is out and with the clouds blocking the moon it was really dark.  I originally planned to set up a baseball diamond on the road to the boat ramp but with the conditions it seemed like a good idea to stay close to the cars and shelter in case of lightning.

We gathered in the Arena for the disclaimer that included social distancing and went for a mosey around the playground where lights represented 1st, 2nd and 3rd bases.  Home plate was the shelter.  Back at the Arena, the COP included SSHs, Toy Soldiers, Imperial Walkers, Grass grabbers and some stretching.

The Thang was 9 innings of different exercises with extra innings in case someone finished early.  Each inning started with 4 burpees at home plate then run to first base for 3 reps, 2nd base for 6 reps and 3rd base for 9 reps.

1st Inning – T Merkins

2nd Big boys

3rd Squat Jumps

4th Nolan Ryans

5th LBCs

6th Lunges per side 

7th Plank jacks (4 count)

8th Flutter kicks (4 count)

9th Jump lunges per side 

Extra innings

Dry docks


Calf raises

By the time I completed the extra innings, Flip flop had almost finished a double header (17 innings) with Back flop and Mr Hat close behind.  We had about 5 mins left so finished with Jack Webbs.  We started with 4 count merkins but decided that was a bad idea about round 5. 

We circled around the flag for announcements, intentions, and closed with an Our Father.

When I was gassed during the Jack Webbs, the PAX took over the count without missing a beat.  I am always impressed with the support from the men of F3 and am honored to be a part of this group.

-Uncle Sam

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