08/01/2020 Mary Good Time – The Max @ Bayside

It all started last night…I had a dream that I was getting ready for a scuba dive and it was cancelled so I lead an F3 workout (the next best thing). While Q-ing everything was going wrong, my counts were off, I couldn’t remember what exercises we were doing then I came to my senses and realized that it was 4:18 am and only a dream, back to the fartsack.

At 5:59 pm the Q (YHC) stepped out to get the welcoming party going for Mary’s 45 min visit to Bayside. With forecasted rain in the area the PAX took cover under the portico with the exception of movements between exercises. The temperature was pristine for a burner…

COP: Mosey warmup. Imperial walkers, Hill Billy Walkers, plank downward dog,
calf side to side, back twist each side, 5 corbas, 
5 min
The Thang: 4 exercises then high knees 30 yrds and karaoke back 
1. Spiderman Merkin 157.5 min
2. V UP 15
3. Freddy Mercury 15 IC
4. Cross body Mountain climber 15 IC
1. Bomber Merkins 157.5 min
2. Breakdancer 15 IC
3. Bear Crunch 30 
4. Single-Leg Side Plank (10 sec hold) 5/ side
1.Bird Dog (10 sec hold) 5/ side7.5 min
2. American hammer 15 IC
3. Star crunches 20
4. Side plank 45 sec/side
1. Barrel Hold7.5 min
2. Plank 45 sec hold
3. LBCs
4. LBC Left/LBC Right
1. Flutter kicks 15 IC7.5 min
2. ankle biters 15 IC
3. Hip-up 15 /side
4. Bench big boy up/down (hanging) to “Flower” by Moby
*This was a brutal test run (placed feet through seat back of park benches and did big boys on the “sally up” and “held a few inches off the ground” on the ground, eventually doing everything to keep shoulders up) I was among those who wished the song was half the time.
Ran around and high knees to 40 yrd then Karaoke 30 yrd/side2.5 min
COT: Reminded of several at Bayside who have been working to better (with weight loss) and the success of the #weightright group.
>Intention from Air Supply for family friends

Until next time beat average! Your Brother, -Slide Rule

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