8-21-20 Back Blast-The Abyss

PAX – Flip flop, Mr Hat, Uncle Sam Q

The weather was perfect. Mid 60s and low humidity. We went into the COP immediately after the disclaimer because this workout takes 30 minutes start to finish. SSH, Toy soldiers, grass grabbers and upper body stretches. Turned up the music and started the timer. Did the workout above as prescribed. Everyone was smoked but we unanimously agreed to stay a little later so Mr Hat could lead us in some yoga style stretching which has become a Friday Abyss tradition. Announcements, intentions and an Our Father. I’m thankful for these workouts and HIMS.

Lesson learned. For workouts like this, a “Bulletin Board” style white board with marker would be helpful for PAX to write down reps during the 2 min break between sets. This workout is a lot of reps and math and memory are both challenging when your pushing hard.

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