Back-Blast – Cloverfield @ The Garden – 8.13.20

I’ve slacked on the BB my last two Q’s. No excuses just let it slip my mind. I was excited to get back to The Gloom after being in quarantine due to Covid. It was a frustrating experience to say the least and I was ready to let off some steam.




Natty Lite

Meter Maid


Jimmy Neutron

Diane Dukes



One lap W/U

One lap Bear Crawl Chaser around bottom lot – P1 begins BC around bottom lot and P2 runs a lap until P2 catches back up with P1. Repeat process until both PAX finish one full lap.

Thang 2:

We then ventured over to The Baptizer for a modified Dora set:

P1 Thrusters / P2 Bernie Sanders up the hill x 2 each PAX

P1 HR Merkins / P2 Straight Run up the hill x 2 each PAX

P1 Hold Plank / P2 Run up the hill x 2 each PAX


8 minute Manmaker EMOM

We finished out with intentions and announcements. Again, it was great to be back out. Covid is real and so is the need to keep distanced and stay safe. You don’t realize how much you need F3 until you can’t go.




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