Backblast 9/18 IPC Week 3 at the Abyss

PAX: Catfish, Huggies, Mr Hat, Harbaugh, Uncle Sam

It was a cool morning in the 50s, low humidity, a perfect day for the IPC. Although the workout is simple, I arrived early to block off an area in the parking lot to do the merkins and squats so PAX didn’t have to cross back and forth through the wet grass. I have a personal aversion to wet feet. I used a measuring wheel to mark off 200 meters from the parking lot towards the entrance (actually 656 ft because “Murcia). I measured again on the way back and by that time the PAX had arrived and were anxious to get started. A quick explanation of the layout, timing, modifications, etc then I started the time and Catfish was just a blur heading up the road.

From my usual view as the 6, I got a chance to see the best of F3. Harbaugh did the IPC yesterday but came out today to offer encouragement to his brothers. Catfish absolutely crushed the workout, caught his breath and then continued back and forth on the road encouraging others.

Countrama, nameorama, announcements for upcoming Growruck and Q School week. Intentions and closed with an Our Father. Proud to be a part of this group. U.S.

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