Back-Blast Thursday 09/17/2020 – Inferno @ The Station

The Station was poppin’ this morning….no doubt about it.  Great mumblechatter, great energy, great music, everyone had a great time.  Just like a Pelican Q (except the opposite).  We got off to a fast start even before 0530 with Moab and Seal Pup arriving for their combined 173rd workout since their first post on Saturday.  Squid continued his tour around F3 Louisville and had Shark Bait in tow.  I haven’t seen Abacus in what seems like months and he rolled up quietly.  I see Cochran all the time and he was there (and not quite at all).  Bulletin might have the “R” next to his name in the attendance reports, but he was rocking his fraternity letters this morning like he was 18.  This caught my attention and not just because a 55 year old man was wearing a fraternity shirt. I proudly told Bulletin I was in the same fraternity (different school, but still it was pretty cool)….I could literally see a light bulb go on and a shroud of confusion lifted as Bulletin announced that he finally knows why he liked me.  I’ll consider it a win.
PAX:  MOAB, Seal Pup (2.0), Squid,  Shark Bait (2.0), Holy Roller, Cratchit, Cochran, Abacus, Honey Do, Bulletin (R – LXA), Captain Crunchberry, Dauber (Q).  

Like I said, lots going on even before 0530, but the time came to get going so I gave the disclaimer with extra emphasis on keeping our space and we set out on a mosey around friendship manor drive to firehouse for COP…SSH IC 30x (last 10 double time), Toy Soldiers IC x10, Kendra Newmans / Michael Phelps, Grass Grabbers IC 10x, Downward Dog, Groiners 15x.  We stayed at the Firehouse which would be our “Hub” for the Main Thang which was a Hub & Spoke themed workout where we would run down each “spoke”, complete a set of exercises as a group, and then return to the “hub” for exercises while staying together the whole time.  I turned on the music…All Tom Petty this morning…and we started with 20x squats (quick side note as you read the rest of the exercises:  Squid did IPC yesterday…haha, sorry man).  Here is how the rest of the workout flowed…Spoke 1 – Ran to the back of the legal office parking lot for 25x 4ct Mountain Climbers, 25x 4ct Flutter Kicks IC, 25x 4ct Mountain ClimbersRan back to “Hub” for 20x Squats, 20x BBSU, 20x SquatsWe were exactly 15 minutes in when the Spotify ad came on, so we watched the short video to get 30 minutes of ad-free listening (JACKPOT!!)Spoke 2 – Ran around friendship manor drive to PWVJA parking lot for 25x 4ct Plank Jacks IC, 25x 4ct Flutter Kicks IC, 25x 4ct Plank Jacks ICQuizzed Shark Bait on whether he knew who was singing all these songs.  Not only did he not know, but I suspect he had never heard them…or at least never with Cochran and I adding backup vocals.Completed the loop back to “Hub”:  20x Squats, 20x American Hammers IC, 20x SquatsSpoke 3 – Bernie Sanders up to the parking lot by the flag.  Cautioned the PAX to stay on the right side of the road to be safe…Cochran went to the left side right away and began arguing that it was now the right side because we were running backwards (I wasn’t going to get into it).  Mumblechatter was strong about the music and someone (can’t remember who) brought up how Pelican now only plays explicit lyric playlists at every workout regardless of how many 2.0s are there.  Anyway we knocked out Wall Sits with PAX rotating 10cts (meant to be 60 seconds but Holy Roller expertly extended the final 10 seconds for what felt like 5 more minutes), 25x 4ct Flutter Kicks IC, Wall Sits for another minute (ha…sorry Squid).Ran back to “Hub” for 20x Squats, 20x Freddie Mercury’s IC, 20x Squats.  Implored the PAX to take their time with the squats and go as deep as possible…quickly shushed Cochran on whatever he was about to say since Seal Pup was right next to us.Spoke 4 – Bernie Sanders up to the front of the legal office parking lot for 25x 4ct Monkey Humpers IC, 25x 4ct Flutter Kicks IC, 25x 4ct Monkey Humpers ICTime was running short so we ran back to the flag to finish up with 20x Squats, 20x Gas Pumps IC, 20x Squats, and a quick plank.  We circled up for CoR, NoR, Announcements and a prayer for unsaid intentions, strength to be leaders, and a positive influence on the young men (and women) we are raising.  Great work boys


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