BB. Escalator in the Abyss 4/7/21

Pax- Flip flop, Mr Hat, Uncle Sam (Q)

Weather was a perfect 56 and clear.  I arrived early to pace off and mark 86 meters and unload the truck.  I dm’d the Abyss regulars the night before to make sure they brought a ruck because not all of them stay up on slack.  Even Flip flop was early so we loosened up, did a quick disclaimer, explanation of the exercises and a challenge to complete as many rounds as possible before the 545 alarm went off. We got after it at exactly 0500 with no warm up. Workout was the GoRuck Bataan Memorial WOD. 

10 slick burpees over ruck

11 deadlifts (sandbag/75 lb KB/or 80lb curl bar)

12 thrusters with ruck

13 American hammers with ruck

14 (4ct) standing arm circles wearing ruck

15 neck circles with feet elevated (these made me dizzy)

16 big boys holding ruck

170 M ruck (85 out and back)

I picked this WO because there was a last minute Q open due to the Rona and I lack imagination. This is also the month when ROTC units all over the country normally travel to White Sands to ruck 26 miles to honor the Soldiers of the Bataan Death March. After a question on slack as to whether this WO could be done in 45 mins I did the math in my head- 72 exercises in 45 mins didn’t really work but it’s a good workout and whatever happens, happens. What I didn’t account for was flip flop and mr hat going full beast mode at 0500. They were coming back from the 9th ruck run as the 0545 alarm was still sounding.  I was coming back from my 7th ruck run and was just glad the alarm was sounding before I started the next set of jump over burpees. 

Announcements-trash rucking for cash this Sunday.  Intentions and happy birthday to the twins.  Ended with an Our Father.

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