8/20/21 BB. Gladiator in the Abyss

Pax- Mr Hat, Backflop, Uncle Sam

The weather was perfect, stars were shining. Most of the regulars had texted they would be out for various reasons so I was afraid it might be just me, a skunk by entrance and Rudy. I was thankful to see Mr Hats car as I pulled in then shortly after Backflop came in hot. Since it was an open Q we divided Q duties between the 3 of us. I led the COP and then 4 corners around the tennis courts. Mr Hat led us in a block dragging bear crawl with coupon swings, squat, curls, a mosey down to the island with bear crawls back up the hill. Backflop led loops around the courts with increasing burpees at the start of each lap.

It was a modification of the random Q idea that included all in attendance. I think it worked great. Everyone got to lead and the variety kept it challenging and interesting.

Ended with announcements, intentions for our brothers and the country and an Our Father.- Uncle Sam.

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