8.19.21 The Moonshiner @ The Boondocks-Back Blast

0500 and after hitting the snooze a few times I did the ole one eye to check my phone to see the forecast. 100% chance of rain through 0700. I get out of bed, peek through the blinds and see that the ground is dancing. Fantastic…I guess I’ll have to modify my wienke for myself, Lepew and Honey Do (they were the only dudes that I knew were going to show). As I roll into the lot at 0525 there were already several cars in the lot. I park next to Deputy Dog’s Oldham County police suv and gather my effects. At this point the Sky has opened up and it…is…pouring! As I approach the circle I see at least a dozen dudes just hanging out, carrying conversations…as though it’s not monsoon season in the rainforest. I thought to myself, “self…we are in the presence of some men! Men who aren’t afraid of a little rain. (after all it was Airplane who told me that you only get wet once…) we ain’t modifying nothin! We’re gonna get after it!

After a count off here are my dudes: Air Raid (R), Dauber, Cochran, LePew, Bulletin (R), Abacus, Lambeau, Refi, Captain Crunchberry, Jolly Rancher, Flexseal, Deputy Dog, Honey Do, Boss Hog (RR), Hush Puppy, Virginia Slims, BigBird (QIC)

Disclaimer, COR and then count off in two’s (REMEMBER YOUR NUMBER) before…COP: Runners stretch, RR, LL and then off for a Native American run for the quarter mile loop. Abacus wanted to keep going…circle back up for SSH, Grass Grabber, Hillbilly walkers, Peter Parker’s and Mountain Climbers…Recover

Tabata: Jolly Rancher was surprised and Abacus rolled his eyes. No timer on this day. Mother Nature wouldn’t allow it. That’s ok. I would count it out and Dauber was keeping me in check. 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off for 8 rounds of: side jumps over coupons.…Recover

The Thang: Good vs Bad – split up into two groups. Thang was performed as a ladder: 5, 10, 15, 20 and then back down although I don’t think anyone worked back down except for maybe Lambeau who had turned on his Beast Mode. Good was Burpees, Air Presses and Squats. Bad was ManMakers, Push Press and Coupon Squats. Once you did one side you ran out about a hundred yards and back and swapped to the other side. PAX agreed with you as you’re reading it…it was confusing…Jolly would call me out at COT on who not to model after during Q school. Regardless, there was a lot of solid mumble chatter, rooting each other on and hand claps. Strong effort by all! We would finish up with 5 minutes to spare for some Mary.

Mary: Played the song Ugly by Bubba Sparxxx- tried to play it on my speaker but Mother Nature ruined it. Almost “Glenn Rossed” it but thought better of it. Had to play it on my phone and since I was the only one that could hear it, here’s how it would go down. Hold plank for the song and every time I heard “ugly” I would yell it out and we would flip to back and return to plank….Recover and time was called. Dauber made it known that he has enjoyed some of my Q’s but this one left something to be desired…

Circled around the flag for COR, NOR and COT. Made some announcements and offered up our intentions. 17 dudes could have made the decision to take the day off after seeing the weather. But instead, we embraced the suck, played in the rain like school kids and pushed each other to get better. Cochran says you never forget the ones in the rain and this is one that will stay with me for a long time. Thank you men for getting out with me!

Until next time…


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