BB 11/27/20 Gladiator in the Abyss

PAX:  Pickle ball, Mr Hat, F Stop, Uncle Sam (Q).  

Conditions:   Dark , overcast, and upper 40s.  Conditions were dry but some still had wet shoes from Weds workout.  

We gathered in the parking area for the disclaimer including COVID precautions, moseyed over to the Arena for the the COP.  COP included SSHs, bend and reach, toy soldiers, Abe Vigodas, and stretches. 

Billy Madison

Complete each grade by doing 12 reps of the exercise and go on a field trip for 1 lap around the playground.  Repeat each grade and add the next for a ladder workout.  For example 1st grade was 12 merkins, 2nd grade was 12 merkins then 12 squats and so on for a total of 144 merkins, 132 squats, etc.  

Grades were:




4-Shoulder taps


6-Flutter kicks


8-Step ups


10-Side lunges

11-Big boys


Announcements.  Intentions for those who are impacted by Covid, a brother’s M, those traveling for the holidays and those unable to travel to see loved ones. The holidays are hard for some people social isolation can make it worse.  Reach out to an old friend or family member you haven’t talked to in awhile and just see how they’re doing.  Ended with an Our Father.  

-Uncle Sam

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