PB: Motor Boat Q @ The Ruiner @ The O Sat Nov 28 0700

Gentlemen and Seekers of The Red Pill:
Be advised that the usual cast of characters and all others seeking the DRP will convene Saturday, Nov. 28 at 0700 at The O. You are invited, as are all men. Many will be called. Perhaps fewer will choose to get stronger, better, tougher, faster, more humble, and more resilient. I hope you will so choose. Inspired by a great frosty early morning from Flo Jo about a month ago, we will explore, and we will ascend. Expect to run some, with plenty of other accelerants thrown in. No coupons needed. No jumping spiders (unless Violet does some on his own). Gloves recommended. Be ready to be persistent. SYITG.

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