Back Blast 08/28/2020 IPC Week 0 at the Abyss

PAX: Harbaugh, Flip Flop, Mr Hat, Bull Rider, Double Down (R), Uncle Sam (Q)

Conditions: Low 70s with steam room level humidity. Intermittent misty rain.

I arrived early to set up but cars were already there. I had measured off 400 matters earlier in the week but wanted to set up the workout board, timer and speaker under the pavilion for protection from the rain. We gathered in the Arena and like clock work Flip flop came in hot at 5:29:45, which is our trigger to start. I gave a quick disclaimer, answered questions about the exercises and oriented Pax to the area since it was Double Down and Bull Rider’s first visit to the Abyss. I had the Wk 0 workout on the whiteboard with a marker for Pax to write down their times. I also listed the modified WO posted on Twitter in case one of us had to tap out, but all did the WO completed as Rx’d, or close enough. I knew I would be the last one to complete so I asked first Pax done to take charge and Mr Hat to lead Pax in a cool down as they finished.

After some SSHs and stretches, started the tunes, timer and the PAX got after it. There may have been mumble chatter but I couldn’t hear it over my heavy breathing. It was Harbaugh’s second day in a row doing this workout and he did have an interesting observation about the condition of his ass cheeks. Flip flop smoked the WO as usual followed closely by Mr Hat. Circled up around the flag for count and name o rama.

Intentions for Shiplap, our country, and our brothers out with injury and ended with an Our Father.

Lessons Learned during practice week: An out and back route would have been better. Four laps around the playground for four rounds got monotonous. Dry erase markers and phone touch pads don’t work that well in high humidity and soaked in sweat. Going old school with pencil and paper would have worked better.

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