Backblast 8/28/20 The Chopper @ Vets – Fungi Q

It’s been a while since I’ve been in the gloom* 4 x in one week. I had the Q of the 6 AM Bible Acceleration zoom call on Monday (contact me or Aerobie if interested), Q’d Tuesday at The County, took a BO beatdown from Abacus on Thurs and Q’d Friday.    It was good to get back out, lead and travel to a different AO.

The VET mumblechatter is always on point so its one of my fav AOs. I was greeted by 14 other PAX today (h/t to Kimble, Mama’s Boy, and Alexa for traveling) for my 2 year F3 Louisville Postiversary.

PAX: Meatball, Greenwich, No Nuts, Whitney (R), Bunghole, Cousin Eddie, Worm, Tony Malito, Mama’s Boy, Alexa, Kimble, Rhythm, Kimble, PK, Stick Up, Fungi (Q)

Intro and Disclaimer

Mosey to big parking lot for COP


Imperial Walkers 15 IC

Good Mornings 10

Runners Stretches


2 Min Exercise, 2 Lap run – Rinse and Repeat


T-Merkins, Big Boi’s, Squats, Curb Dips, Freddy Mercury’s, Line Touches

Ran to Flag, finished with 30 Nolan Ryans

Announcements – Sept 25 “Everyone” Ruck with Mama’s Boy and Alexa

Intentions – Pray for the world. It’s big, but it’s needed.

Always enjoy being with the PAX. Thanks for playing along today.

Have a great weekend.


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