Backblast: Russdiculous Q @ The Incubator – S. Posh

Temperatures could not have been better as 11 brave men took The Posh by storm this morning. PAX in attendance included Iceman (R), Nice & Slow, Dynamite, Nino, Jitterbug (R), Bob Ross, Stickup, Schlitz, Jewel, Pickleball, and yours truly. I began promptly at 5:30 with introductions and disclaimers before we took off on a short mosey around the parking lot where the PAX circled up.

Warm up:

  • Hillbillies (20 IC)
  • Grass grabbers (10 IC)
  • Abe Vagodas (15 IC)
  • Tempo Merkins (20 IC)
  • Runner’s stretch
  • SSH (30 IC)

We then lined up and used the width of the parking lot for some dynamic movements which included:

  • Flying Nun (lunge while doing Kendra Newman’s), 10 squats, Flying Nun back
  • Burpee shuffle (3 side shuffles to one burpee), 10 squats, Burpee shuffle back
  • Broad jump, 10 squats, Broad jump back
  • Karaoke, 10 squats, Karaoke back

Main Thang:

I was inspired by a recent Nino Q at The O so thought I’d try to replicate it for the Poshies with some different variations of exercises. Here’s how it worked…

PAX partnered up and we used the center and all four corners of the parking lot for 3 rounds of the following:

Partner 1:

Station 1: 10, 8-count BB

Mosey to station 2

Station 2: 10 T-Merkins

Mosey to station 3

Station 3: 10 Air Press

Mosey to station 4

Station 4: 10 Mtn. Climbers

Partner 2:

Suicide format – continuous until partner completed all four stations

  • 10 Groiners
  • 10 Jump Lunges
  • 10 Around-the-world Squats (I’m pretty sure this is not what they’re called)

Once complete, Partners switched. This was repeated for 3 rounds.

There was some heavy breathing but after two 10-counts, we collected ourselves and lined up for a different variation of Mary exercises.

Using half the length of the parking lot we did 10 walking lunges, then went to our six for v-ups, flutter kicks, and BB sit-ups. We then did 10 side-squat lunges and went to our six for flutter kicks, box-cutters, and BB sit-ups.

The PAX circled up for more flutters and we ended the workout with two rounds of elevators and 20 Merkins (holding for a 10-count on last rep-woof!)

After a quick mosey back to the flag, we did announcements, intentions, and shared appreciation for another day. Thanks for coming out men, looking forward to next time!

– Russ

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