11/07/2020 BB Murder @ The Max – Baysise

What wonderful weather at THE MAX! Just right for when things heated up. Started the Q with a disclaimer and moseyed in a loop and stopped for COP at the Coupon stash. We did Hillbilly walkers, Smurf jacks IC, Grass grabbers IC, glute stretch on the six, Tony Horton Chest stretch, cross body arm stretch (each side), Tricep stretch, finished with quad stretch. Grabbed a coupon each and went to the field.

Thang 1: We had one objective murder bunny to 100 yards and back. Unfortunately there was a EMOM requirement to do 20 curls or 20 coupon dips starting at every minute alternating.

Thang 2: Start at 10 yd line Rifle carry suicides- mosey to 20 yd back to 10 yd line then then to 30 yd repeat until end of field. Also EMOM of 5 man makers. Finished with Freddy Mercury IC 20 reps Returned coupons to stash. Charolais mentioned how the activities reinvigorated the muscles he used heavily on Thursday for The Big Kapowski with Dyno-mite…I simply said no burpees no bear crawls. Of course we might have done those with a coupon instead.

COT: Intentions for Banana Bread’s M and family. Also intentions for our country’s leadership.

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