BB- The Nest at the County – 3/5/22 – Meter Maid Q

There was a lot of activity around the County this morning. We had 6 runners and 5 ruckers who were out enjoying a beautiful mornings before the Nest. As Stick Up had texted late last night, the County would have a visitor Toto (DR from Grand Rapids, MI) this morning. I came to learn he grew up in Kansas and is a Kansas Jayhawks and KC Chiefs fan. He was down in Louisville for volleyball tournament for one of his daughters. This was the further AO from his hotel so he chose the County for (1) the preRuck and (2) the picture in my preblast (gotta love the potted plants). He did the most recent Brag Heavy so I wonder if anyone who did that remembers him (Valdez, Kilo, Diablo, etc.).

A few pax helped me to get setup with all my sandbags, jump ropes, potted plants, and ruck.

At 7am, I gave the disclaimer and Dauber was lively. He had strong mumblechatter even without Pelican helping to make the County great again. We counted off for number purposes and introduced ourselves to Toto.

Here is who participated: Toto (DR), Dauber, Jolly Rancher, Gisele, Timeshare, Brown Water, DeVitto, Mannequin, Layover, Honey Do, and Meter Maid (Q). Captain participated only for a few minutes because of an injury. He crushed his 6 mile run at an 8:44 pace. At NOR, his brother and iron first, Jolly Rancher, denied his ability to claim it as a post. This saved it from having to go to Jewel who after reading through his 20+ page document would have ultimately denied it.

We took a half mile lap around the County and then circled up for COP. We started with 5 nuclears, toy soldiers IC, downward dog and stuff (strict), cobra, mountain climbers IC, arm circles and Michael Phelps OYO.

The main thang would be all the toys with various exercises including one that Brown Water made up that I will call Brown Waters moving forward. It is a potted plant push up and with alternating single hand press.

Other exercises included: stein holds, push out, bent over flys, squat to overhead press, bench press, halos, skull crushers, curls, bent over rows, uneven sandbag carry, weighted merkins, jump rope and lots of other modifications as necessary. After each exercise, the pax would mosey between the long islands. Great way to mix exercises and intermittent running to keep the heart rate higher.

With a few minutes left, we circled up for Mary. We did preacher sit-ups on my up and flutter kicks IC. I moved to close with gas pumps IC but Dauber called time. We did them anyway but the church bell don’t lie. I called time before the church bell struck eight.

I played a variety of music (ad free) through the workout. It ranged from Rap, Country, Metal and Grunge. I even sneaked in Fireworks by Katy Perry. It is a guilty pleasure for Dauber and he couldn’t hold himself back from singing some of the lyrics.

We concluded with COR and NOR. Then we did announcements and intentions. Finally closed out with an Our Father. We took a quick picture below as DeVitto needed to return the Ukraine flag to his neighbor. I appreciate all those who helped me load back up. Thank goodness, OJ, I am under two miles to the County.

Always humbled to lead,

-Meter Maid

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