BB- The Nest 8/29/20 Meter Q

Earlier in the week, I had been marketing the Nest workout as a modified sandbag Murph. Pelican kept calling it a “Sandy Murphy Rucky” thing. I wasn’t sure how well it would go over with the PAX. All in all 18 PAX came for this difficult workout.

Yoshi came to the County for the first time. He is a PAX of few words including his backblasts but pound for pound he is one our strongest PAX with a ruck and weight. He went with 90 pounds (30 pounds in ruck plus 60 pound sandbag – woof!) for it which was the most that I saw during the workout. A few of the PAX like Captain Crunchberries used a coupon versus ruck that made the running with it more difficult.

I didn’t have a whole lot to set out besides my board I left my house 15 minutes before the workout. As “Murphy’s law” goes which is ironic when doing a Murph, a train approached right before I could cross over. Luckily, it only lasted a few minutes and I was on my way.

PAX: Brown Water, Nutty Professor (see after my signature for his donut adventures post workout), Yoshi, Jolly Rancher, Backflop, Jerry Maguire (R), Brown Tail (R), Honey Do, Bulletin (R), Asian Zing (R), Dauber, Tidwell, Whiskers, Cratchit, Tiny Tim (2.0), Captain Crunchberries, Pelican and Meter Maid (Q)

Right before the workout began, a vehicle came in hot. You might have thought it was Nutty Professor (one of Dauber’s 50+ brother in laws) who recently ran over the curb at the County, but it was actually Cratchit. I think he blamed Tiny Tim.

For those getting a Crowler order later today at the County from Zima, be warned and take high ground. For those interested in ordering for a first time, reach out to Airplane. Cratchit nearly hit Whiskers while he was showing some wild, balance merkins thing. Pelican told him the Nest Q calendar was full-lol.

My disclaimer included that I am not a professional, you are here in your own free will, modify as necessary, and maintain your social distance. I warned everyone that this would be a high intensity workout.

We quickly moved to the COP. Earlier in the week, I had texted Pelican my weinke including COP to provide later context. It consisted of 15 SSH IC, downward dog and stuff, 15 SSH IC, 15 Plank Jacks IC, 15 SSH IC and Micheal Phelps. After the first set of SSH, Pelican complained that we had already done these. He is like the student who gets the teachers answer sheet before the test and still failed.

During Michael Phelps, I explained there were two tracks – beginner and advanced. We counted off into two groups of nine each. Each group started in opposite directions.

Backflop looked like CLan (Corey Lanerie- a prominent jockey) going wire to wire on a race. Yoshi was pushing hard as well with his 90 pounds. Going opposite directions allowed us to cheer on others as we passed them along the route.

As we completed one of the tracks, I told them to begin another one. I ran side by side with Dauber and he kept his ruck on the whole time. Lots of the PAX did. Everyone pushed themselves to get better.

With about 5 minutes left, we stopped for some Mary. I told the PAX to circle up. It was circle like. No it was a cluster but everyone was beat down from the modified Murph. I started with elevators and it went surprising well considering we weren’t in a great circle. Then, I called out toe touches but meant heal touches. We did 25 of those IC. The church bell went off but it wasn’t time yet so we did 25 more flutterkicks IC.

We did COR and NOR. For announcements, the County has ALOT of Qs coming up so make sure to come out and get better. We did intentions and I added a prayer of thanksgiving for friend who had exploratory surgery and had the best possible outcome. The power of prayer is awesome.

Before the our Father, I gave the story of Michael Murphy in my own words. He had a lot of options in life including multiple law school offers but he decided to serve his country. When on a mission to overlook a village from 10k up, his team was spotted by three goat herders.

They had a difficult choice- kill them or let them go. It was not a easy choice because if they let them go they would alert the Taliban. After an hour, they made a choice to release them (he had a brother how was 14 like one of the boys). An hour later, they were attacked by 100 men with AKs. He was shot in the stomach but kept fighting.

They were outside of radio communication but to save others, he went out to the open to radioed for help. Ultimately he would be killed but even his final words were “Roger that. Thank you!”

We prayed for all the military, police, fire and EMS. We prayed for peace in our county. We concluded with an our Father. Ironically, as we concluded someone was walking his sheep herding dogs. Call it coincidence but God don’t do random.

Always humbled to lead,

-Meter Maid

Post workout- Nutty Professor left the workout shirtless to get some donuts. First, he went to the old State Donuts (now Stacey’s). Apparently, shirtless while wearing a mask doesn’t fly there. Nutty went to Thornton’s to get donuts. Lesson learned that if you are shirtless and want donuts – go to Thornton’s. They do have great donuts!

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