BB- The Nest – 12/4/21- Meter Maid Q

This was a special workout. It was my last Q at age 44 as I turned 45 today (12/5).

I was glad to see two different groups doing pre work before the Nest- one rucking and one running.

I came in 20 minutes early to get setup and drop off my sandbags that would be used as part of the workout. A total of 17 PAX participated in the workout: Cratchit, Sputnik, Holy Roller (R), Focker, Yankovich, Backflop, Single Source, Air Raid (R), Cowboy, Instapot (FNG), Valdez, Timeshare, Lambeau, WILDflower, DeVitto, BigBird and Meter Maid (Q).

I wanted this to be a special tribute to TATE MYRE, who gave the ultimate sacrifice for his high school and saved numerous lives in Oxford, Michigan. Much of the workout and counts had special symbolism.

I started off with a disclaimer at 7am. We started off with a mosey in the form of a circle to represent Oxford strong. Then we again circled up, did a quick count off and did 16 four count Mountain Climbers IC. The 16 was Tate’s age. Then, we did 16 toy soldiers IC. Then we did some downward dog (strict of course). We finished off with arm circles and Michael Phelps OYO.

The main workout was a TATE MYRE WOD as shown on the board that I then flipped over and explained a few of the newer exercises. Bottom line, it was an upper body beat down. You can tell when you hear all the groans and gruts throughout the workout.

I left about five minutes left for Mary. I proceeded with 42 4-count flutter kicks with coupon overhead. This was Tate’s football number. We went clockwise with Holy Roller being next. He chose derkins with a hold three inches from the ground. Then, Focker led some T-bones before I mercifully called time.

As you completed the board, you began again. The PAX completed the first round and about half of a second round.

We circled at the flag for COR, NOR and the naming of the FNG. We did intentions and announcements (December monthly ruck with Land Navigation led by Focker and Lambeau will be December 18th) ending with an Our Father.

Always humbled to lead,

-Meter Maid

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