BB- 12/5/20 Meter Birthday Q at the Nest

Today was a celebration of my birthday and a return to the Nest. It was a cold foggy day. I had hoped to get out and enjoy the prerun or ruck but I had indulged on the last four episodes of Yellowstone season 2.

I showed up a few minutes early to setup some LED lights before it started. If you can’t Q as many times as Backflop, you might as well up the light game. And yes, Dauber I bought it on Black Friday on special which is just like a coupon. Speaking of coupons, I glad to see Pelican before the workout. He showed up to give me a blizzard coupon for my birthday. Airplane and a shirtless GQ were not present.

Let’s go to the PAX who attended: LePew (he is cutting down a massive tree today), Dauber (he likes to mess up Meter’s counts), Cratchit & Tiny Tim 2.0 (look out for their Christmas Eve co-Q), Brown Water (our trusted site Q for the Foundry- I hear he is doing better than the last site Q), Captain Crunchberries and Goggles 2.0 (I hear Captain has quite a collection of power tools and I think he should do a coQ with “Captain” Stormtropper), Lucky Charms, Apollo 2.0, and Marshmallow 2.0 (I am starting to wonder if Jolly or Dauber has more PAX relatives), Jolly Rancher (two words – Iron Fist), Focker (look for a Yellowstone reference to come), Tidwell (Sorry I had to play Welcome to the Jungle as a St.X grad but keep crushing it- you are posting more than most), Honey Do (Do something for yourself-ha), Hush Puppy (It was hard keeping up with Focker, Backflop and you moseying between each station), Little Jerry [Respect] (With a much running as you do, you should join the 100 mile December challenge on Slack; heck you may have already completed it already), WILDflower (I hear he knows a guy or is the guy, so if you need a guy check with him), Backflop (good luck catching him on a run- I hear he hit 16 MPH on Maple Ave this week, if you need a Q or backup site Q, he is your guy), and YHC (Meter Maid – Humbled to be out here with you HIMs).

I gave the disclaimer of not being a professional, modify as necessary, everything is a suggestion including to maintain your distance given COVID. We did a warm up full lap around the County.

We circled up in the parking lot for COP. We did the following IC unless noted mountain climbers, SSH, grass grabbers, hillbillies squats, downward dog and stuff, plank jacks, Michael Phelps OYO and copper head squats. I did have some technical difficulties on the hillbillies as I announced them but did hillbilly squats. I blame this on a recent Q from Alexa where he did Hillbilly Squats on his Jeopardy Q.

For the first thang, we used our coupons to do Tabata style. Make sure not to call it tabata unless it is 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off. Pelican is a tabata extremist will correct you. I knew from leading a tabata workout earlier in the week that longer workout periods are more challenging. With my 44 seconds on (birthday age), 20 seconds off and three rounds would help balance it. We did 6 different exercises – overhead press, bench press, squats, big boys, plank jacks and flutter kicks. Before I started my music, I hit a 5 second ad and Dauber said I am not the only cheap person. As someone who enjoys deals and coupons, no offense taken.

These were the 6 songs that I played for the tabata. Hard not to start off with Beck’s Wow, a staple from LePew. Speaking of LePew, make it out to the Boondocks to celebrate Fungi’s 200th post. The 2nd song was a dedication to Pelican (Regulate). He can tell all about the 213 group with Dr Dre, Snoop and Warren G if you ask him. I suspect this reference may result in a puke emoji from Crockpot. Cratchit said it was ironic on the third song – Tyler Herro which was written by a UofL fan.

Next we counted off in fours for station work. The first group was the push group. They had to do 44 merkins and 44 big boys. Group 2 alternated between calf raises and monkey humpers. Group 3 alternated between plank and flutter kicks. Group 4 alternated between steps up and dips by the portico. Each group made a full rotation before we stopped for Mary.

Focker was in my group so I had mentioned missing the run and ruck this morning as I was watching Yellowstone late last night. He made a reference that people thought he looked like Rip from the show because of his cowboy hat and Carhartt clothes. I will let you make the call. Below is a pic of Rip.

Rip from Yellowstone

We closed with some Mary. There was much confusion over elevators. Did you need to state the complete floor or go in a specific order like around a circle. You can thank Dauber for that! We did some Low Dollys IC. We closed with boxer sit-ups OYO.

I can neither confirm nor deny that I did COR, announcements, NOR and then intentions in that order. Does being a year older give you a pass?

For announcements, the County has completely reopened. I thanked everyone for their 3rd F contributions to Engelhard Elementary. Dauber will be posting a backblast on it today. In summary we raised enough money over our goal of $3,250 to support 28 students for the entire year of Blessings in a Backpack. Great work! Make sure to get out to support the coQ week. For intentions, we prayed for Fungi and Snowman. I am always humbled to lead.

-Meter Maid

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